Tuesday, 9 August 2011

lovely, peaceful day

mainly sunny, temps 25

Beautiful day. Breakfast in Cowansville....you can see the photo Michael took. The woman in the middle is Jackie and the one on the right is Linda....both have become friends over the years. they work at The Station in Cowansveille, and every Tuesday for a decade we've gone in for breakfast - when we can. Same thing most of the time. French toast with sliced banana and strawberries. Yum.

Then other errands.

And now am off for a massage.

Funny, one of the thoughtful comments on the facebook page was from a person in the UK and she mentioned their sudden and shocking shattering of the peace, with the riots. I've actually struggled with whether I should be mentioning these world events. Like that - like the famines - like the S&P downgrading and the fragility in the US economy that effects all of us. One of our prime ministers here in Canada once commented that when the US catches a cold, we sneeze.

and I'm of two minds. Michael and I are clearly aware of all these things. But I frankly believe you are too and don't need me to comment. But I struggle with hoping I don't come across as not caring - or having a great view of my own colon.

The woman who wrote wasn't chastising me in any way, just commenting on her own life. And I love that. And value that. And that's what I hope to do here. Not comment often on world events - though clearly I sometimes do - but really just talk about our own lives here. Our smaller struggles and joys.

And one of the struggles is when to mention world events, and when not to. Perhaps one day I'll be comfortable with the balance I strike...but probably not.

Hope you're well and thriving...and at peace.


lil Gluckstern said...

I think that going about our lives, and your sharing of your day to day provides a respite from the rather frightening events we have. All we can do is vote and cross our fingers, and respond to some of the natural crises that have occurred. I think our leaders have gone a little mad because they really don't know what to do or what will work. Breakfast at Cowansville sounds like a good prescription-and delicious.

Meghan said...

I find your view to be so... you. You see all of our own personal triumphs and struggles as microcosms of the larger whole. And how we deal with them is really all we have any control over anyway. Thank you for so gracefully expressing what is in my heart.

vbnbvn said...

I agree totally with your position. Have you read Ann Rivers Siddons "John Chancelor Makes Me Cry" ?

As we get older, we are very aware of the world's problems. Sometimes we get overwhelmed. Small problems, everyday people are comforting.

Thank you for being sensitive to that.


Anonymous said...

Good Evening Louise. I am pleased that you are having a great day and the Book 8 (until you reveal its title for us here later) is completed at this stage. (Where is my Bury Your Dead ordered a while ago?). I am of the opinion that your followers (and I am only one of them) would welcome you mentioning those world events, since you always put them in interesting perspective as an author whom your readers understand and - at least for me - you opinion on those things has certain calming effect, all will be well eventually, probably stemming form the belief that 'goodness exists.' Also, you are my (and many others) contemporary and your books are so readable and relevant because they also deal with current issues that we all face. Thanks again. VT

Anonymous said...

Hi there:

I am very glad Book 8 is finished, for you and for me, but mostly for me. It is so hard to wait.

Now on to the global economy. Do not,and I repeat, do not make yourself crazy over this. I am an American and work in the financial services industry. Think of them as markets. Buy and sell. Better to think about the people you are electing to office. Right now, I want individuals who think long term, who are willing to talk and compromise and don't act as if their identity was defined by holding their ground, no matter how stupid and short term their position is.

You do have a say in what is happening. You can always control how you react to what is happening. And don 't doubt your own common sense.

Did I say how much I love your books.


Cece said...

It is a difficult choice to make-but I think it all comes down to what you want your blog to be. Your world view or a view of your world? I vote for your world. Please keep telling us about writing and Michael and Trudy and Daisy and breakfast. Little normal snips of your life that we are privileged to see. I agree with Lil and Duffy-"going about our lives," and "everyday people" are perfect.

I am fully aware of the horrors being perpetrated in my county and my country and the world. But if we do not insist on maintaining order, and civility, and gentleness in ourselves, we will not have them in our world. Sometimes, I just need islands of sanity and normalcy to which I can retreat. I know I am lucky to have them.

Cece said...

Okay-make that Buttercup, not Daisy...and I realized as soon as I hit "post" that I first said it was completely up to you what your blog would be....and then turned right around and told you what I wanted your blog to be.
Lord how egocentric these mortals be!

Ann from Boston said...

Hello Louise, You actually come across as a very caring person on your blog which is why I read it every day. I have also read all of your books and have TRICK OF LIGHT on my library request list. You are my favorite author.

I have many news outlets that I visit multiple times a day for world news, and I prepare myself for what I may learn. I don't think anyone who writes a blog like yours has any obligation to comment on world news and do not expect that from you. Your blog speaks for itself as far as you being a caring person. You frequently make a personal comment about injustices in the world in a way that is always respectful.

Keep writing and I'll keep reading.

Barbara said...

My blog used to be a place to vent about world crises and my pet peeves, but I've gotten away from that. Now I write about my own little world living in the country in NE PA, and books and movies. I just have so much of that "stuff" screamed at me all day, that my blog has become a way to escape it. I always love hearing about your home, your friends, your water and thermal projects, your noise problems in the city, etc. It makes me realize I'm not the only one with distractions, some good, some not so much.

Colombine said...

Hi everybody,

The daughter of my sister who is also my best friend was the victim of a bad dive to 15 years (in 1998). It broke his neck. She is tetraplegic (quadriplegic) since then. She is now a couple and gave birth to a baby girl 10 months ago. She has a thirst for life out of the ordinary and she is beautiful like a heart.

Needless to say that it's been a terrible tragedy. I backed up a lot! One day I was at the restaurant with my sister and I told her my little daily problems and then suddenly I said: "expose yourself for who I am my problems with what you're going and she said spontaneously: "Just because I won the million, you can not win 100 000$". I found her great and strong. She wanted to know about my little troubles to. What a real friend!

Well, I wanted to share this with you all talking about big and small problems. Different perspectives...

We're doing what we can.

Have a nice quiet day.

suzy said...

Honestly Louise, you strike just the right balance in your blogs. Sometimes we just need a place where peace, laughter, determination, and accomplishment reigns. Thanks for being one of those places that I can take a breath and think and remark about other things.

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog, Louise. It is peaceful and kind, and is about what matters in life, the daily routine of home, family, and friends. While the world may be in strife, this is a place where one can hang your hat as you walk in the door, admire the flowers in the garden, and sit down at the kitchen table and have a cup of tea with a friend for a brief moment in time. TT