Sunday, 14 August 2011

Le mois le plus cruel

rain, storms, temps 18

Amazing line of storms and heavy rains. Never seen so much rain - it's incredible. Lost power briefly - we've had more violent rain and wind, but none that lasted for two hours.

Terrible to see that grandstand collapse in Indiana.

On the other end of the weather spectrum the moon was so bright the other night it woke me up. It was as though someone was shining a floodlight into our home. I walked around looking out of every window - at 2am- just to be amazed by the light and strong shadows, and to see if I could see any animals out in the bright fields.

Busy day yesterday - lots of socializing. I find I can't take it as happily as I once could. I like people, a lot. But I also like quiet time, and privacy. That's one of the huge blessings of these quiet days in the country with Michael and Trudy. No writing. Few interviews. Just breathing, and reading, and lazy days together. And some socializing. I owe time to patient friends, but I have to say, right now, I just long for quiet. No voices. Gathering quiet, before the tour.

Book tours are amazing. Very exciting and invigorating - huge fun. But not peaceful. So I gather up the peace and calm and energy, so I have lots to spend on tour.

But still, we're spending some time with friends...huge block party at Guy and Nicolle's yesterday. dinner with our friend Louise. Brunch today with Susan and Liz. This coming Tuesday we're meeting the film producers at Hovey Manor for lunch, to discuss turning the first two books into made-for-TV films. Very fun - but so much can happen to mess it up! But fun to imagine. And this is our first 'summit' meeting on the films. Then on Wednesday, also at Hovey, I have a Journal de Quebec photo shoot.

Speaking of French - the third book has just been published here in Quebec in French. It's called Le mois le plus cruel - a direct translation of The Cruelest Month. If you're in Quebec, please tell lots of people about it!

Be well - and speak soon!


Candice said...

Will the made-for-TV films be shown in Canada only, or can we in the US also get to see them? That is most exciting -- I would be interested to see how the producers envision all the characters. Keep us posted!

lil Gluckstern said...

These are exciting times. No wonder you yearn for quiet to balance and prepare. Take the quiet when you can get it. Hopefully, we will get the movies here in the U.S.

Barbara said...

I completely understand. I like people too, very much, but I need my quiet, peaceful time alone or with Dave. Of course Dave is asleep much of the time in the evening but that's okay. He's here.

I remember going to a writers' conf. once and having one woman attach herself to me like glue. I had an awful time getting away from her sometimes without being terribly rude, but I had to be alone to absorb what I had learned that day.