Saturday, 27 August 2011

It Begins

Sunny, mild, but not warm yet, lovely late summer day - temps 24

Perfect morning - we're sipping cafe au lait and sitting in the sunshine in the cottage - and watching coverage of Irene....and like millions of others, keeping our fingers crossed.

Jack Layton's funeral is today. Lots of people lining up. It'll be televised live across Canada. But I won't see it - it's happening at the same time as A Trick of the Light pre-launch party at Brome Lake Books at 2pm. I'm so glad it's a state funeral (quite rare in Canada) and is being televised. He deserves that.

As I say, I'll be at Brome Lake Books, celebrating the launch of the book! And so looking forward to it. We ended the BURY YOUR DEAD tour with an event with Danny and Lucy at Brome Lake Books - and now we're starting the next tour there. They really are a remarkable couple, great friends, and brilliant bookstore owners. Danny and Lucy have arranged for a local artist to create a painting of the launch, at the launch! How brilliant is that!?

her name is Shannon Brown....and they'll be auctioning off her painting at the end of the event, to raise money for the Yamaska Literacy Council.

If you're in the Knowlton, quebec area, come on by - for drinks, food, a signed copy of A TRICK OF THE LIGHT, and bring your cheque book to bid on Shannon's painting and raise money for literacy. How wonderful Shannon is to do this! And Danny and Lucy for thinking of it.

Lise will also be there - as will Michael, of course. They'd love to meet you too.

Then - driving in to Montreal this afternoon - and hopping on a train first thing in the morning.

Rainfall warnings for Townships and Montreal- for tomorrow. Irene. Fortunately for me, I'll be skiddadling out of here just ahead of the storm. To Toronto - for a bunch of media interviews Monday - then another pre-launch party at the new Sleuth of Baker Street - 6pm Monday. Then flying to Boston Tuesday morning, for the official world launch at Gibson's Bookstore in concord, New Hampshire Tuesday night at 7!!!

I mention all this because while I plan to blog and facebook post throughout the tour, the fact is, it will be very hectic and i'm not sure when i can blog again....But I'll do it as often as possible, because I love keeping in touch with you. And you've been so supportive through the writing of the book - and all the dreams and hopes, and fears. It means a lot to me that you also get to celebrate and be part of the tour!

Speak to you as soon as I can!

If you're in Irene's path - please look after yourself!


Lisa May said...

I have an afternoon meeting at work on the 30th, which will be endurable only because afterwards I get to go pick up my copy of A Trick of the Light at Murder by the Book. And I have my ticket for your luncheon here in Houston on the 6th!

Barbara said...

Safe travels, Louise.

Luce said...


I am so glad that I will meeting you in Knowlton this afternoon.

I will bring my two other books in french that you can sign them, if you have time...

Have a lovely book tour, full of joy and full of nice people.

Thank you for sharing with us your univers.

See you this afternoon !


Mason Canyon said...

Have a wonderful pre-launch party.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Louise, just landed in Vancouver and read more than half of Bury Your Dead on the flight. I need to finish it before Trick of the Light comes out! BYD is truly genial, I am awaiting the rest with as much anticipation as the end of Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier that I finished last night. Yes, and I apply this to myself as well: He travels the fastest who travels alone. Thanks and happy start of the next book tour! VT

tom reiser said...

Just saw the latest re Irene so sent you link to Environment Canada Hurricane Centre.