Thursday, 11 August 2011


mainly overcast, cooler, storms rumbling around temps 20

Much cooler today - but when the sun does come out it's again quite hot. Longing for a bath, but Bob is coming by with the plans for the renovations so best to be dressed, I find.

Lise and Donna are here, doing the gardens. Magnificent year for the flowers and the vegetables. But then, Lise and Donna could make a mud hole attractive. The sunflowers this year are outrageous. You can see one of them in the photo....the sunflower seeds fall from the bird feeder in the winter and spring - and some germinate and voila! We leave them up for the birds to eat later in the summer.

Did I tell you that the nice trapper man said he can't relocate the porcupine because it's against the law in Quebec to disturb its habitat. I guess if we were going to put up a house, they'd let us relocate him, but we aren't....just want to get him to a place far away from Trudy. I didn't realize porcupines are endangered here. How tragic is that? I guess it's because of development - and people simply shooting them.

So our guy is welcome to stay - we'll just live around him. So far we're very lucky that he hasn't come onto the main property, but stays at the guest cottage. We're moving over there when the renovations begin, so Trudy will have to be walked on a leash, and Gary (how wonderful) is building a gate for the verandah, so we can sit out there with Trudy and not worry she'll run off and get quilled.

I actually love the thought that we can keep the porcupine least, safe from us! And us safe from it.

People have been asking if book 8 has a title - beyond "Book 8". Yes, it does - at least, a working title...I i'd like the team to read the book and discuss it before I tell you...hate for the title to change from the one I tell you. It doesn't happen often, but it happens.

but I'll let you know as soon as possible.

Have been watching the riots in London with dismay...but then so gladdened to hear people are now organizing to clean up the mess. Love that. Reminds me of the reaction in Vancouver after the team lost the hockey finals and hooligans went on a rampage. it horrified that beautiful and dignified city. Never seen anything like it. And what did they do? After a day of rage and reaction people began to show up and simply, spontaneously, clean up. I find that sort of community action so moving. And powerful.


Karen said...

I love the fact that you feed your birds in your enchanting garden, and let the birds drop seed under the feeder, so that each winter the winter birds will find food, and in spring and summer the golden sunflowers will nourish summer's birds and your own spirit! A truly lovely cycle of physical and spiritual nourishment. Your lives are so blessed, and such a blessing to others.

Anonymous said...

Louise, your late summer flowers (and Michael's to be fair) are stunning, so beautiful and peaceful to look at. With the harvest season coming up, there will be more: also Eastern Township apples, vineyards and all (as Holden Caulfield used to say). I can easily picture them in your blog banner for while but I am not sure if it is too much to ask for. At least, in return, I can say that I faithfully follow your blog and read ALL your books which I cannot say about too many significant authors. Book 6 (sorry, it has a title, Bury Your Dead) arrived today from amazon ,so I'll be almost up to date. VT

leaderoftheband said...

It goes to prove what Anne Frank said (the cleaning up after the riota) "People are really good at heart."

Donna K Wisconsin said...

So glad to know there are people out there who share the same philosophy as me about animals and working around them to protect their lives and safety of pets. etc. Too many people have that 'shoot em' mentality because they feel that they trump nature.
They can't be bothered to make a fence or gate or come up with a creative solution. Dog owners are often like this..I know of people who own cottages, 2nd homes, but won't fence in their yard and continually through the yrs. lose their pets to accidents. And..i don't like those people much at all. they would not be my friends. I'm glad someone like you is deserve it.Donna