Wednesday, 17 August 2011

the plan

brilliant, beautiful, sunny day - temps 26

A really fabulous day after torrential rains for the last few days. Yesterday was supposed to be sunny, but the forecast quickly changed to rain and storms...and there they were! But Michael and I still had a magnificent time. We got up just before 6am...fed and walked Trudy - Pat came to house sit - then we jumped in the car and headed to...hovey manor!!!

I'd arranged for two meetings there - a lunch with the film production people, who were coming from Toronto to discuss the project - and a photo shoot with the Journal de Quebec for pictures to accompany an article on the release of the third book in French - Le mois le plus cruel.

Since both were happening at Hovey - a day apart - well, what's a gal to do? We took the cheapest (clearly a relative term) room in the house...the small room right behind the library. Room 1. We were actually offered an upgrade, but we just fell in love with the small room with the ginko wall paper and bathroom so small the sink was in the room itself. But two big windows looked onto the garden and across to the lake. And it was cosy.

Met for lunch with the film people. That's us in the photo. Brian, Phyllis, Peter, me and Michael. I'm being intentionally vague about the films only because so many things can go wrong with these things, apparently. It's all new to me. What I do understand is that far more film options are sold than films are ever made. The plan here is to turn the first two books, Still Life and Dead Cold into made for TV films. And to have them distributed internationally.

that's the plan.

So we got together, had a wonderful lunch, and talked about how films get made, the priorities, the stages, the decisions. We didn't discuss casting - at least not specifics. I find this whole thing fascinating. As you know, I declined all film and TV offers over the years because most wanted control of the characters, or I didn't think they really 'got' what the books are about. But this film company seems fabulous. Interested in making a success...but also interested in making sure the films really do reflect in every way, the books. The settings and characters...but also the feel.

that's the plan.

Then, late afternoon, they headed back to Toronto and we hunkered in for a marvelous hovey dinner....scallops for starter and duck as the main course. Michael had Quebec strawberries, ice cream and frozen basil as a dessert - and I had a selection of sorbets. Then into bed in our tiny, perfect room.

Today the Journal de Quebec photographer came by Hovey about 11am. The Journal wanted a photo in a place that inspired the bistro in Three Pines. Since it really doesn't exist, the closest I could come was the big walk-in fireplace in the dining room at hovey. So that's where we shot.

Then scooted home. SO much to do to prepare for the renovations and the book tour. Yikes. tomorrow the world arrives - Tony to move some of the stuff we've decided to sell over to Kirk and Walter's. Johnny and his son to pick up the old clawfoot tub and sink in the basement. Cameron to pick up the squeaky kitchen table to repair and keep during the renos - and to see about making a kitchen island. M. Tetrault to pick up the sofa bed and chair to be recovered - and keep during the renos. Bob and the construction foreman to walk through what needs to be done.

Oh, the dock man is here. The anchors broke and the dock is drifting. Need new anchors. He's just arrived...must run. then off to drop off dry cleaning....

Speak to you soon - hope you're thriving!!!


Anonymous said...

My parents and their friends used to enjoy Hovey Manor many, many years ago. Maybe on our next visit to the Townships, we can add in an extra night or 2 to give it a try once more. Fond memories!

Ruth Barrett said...

How exciting! So glad it's going so well... and looking forward to the new book!

Katherine O said...

Frozen basil for dessert? As much as I love basil, FROZEN BASIL FOR DESSERT???!!!

p.s. can't wait for T of the L - but why do we have to wait till next year in the UK? Boooooooooo!

Meshell said...

I enjoy your updates very much. My friends and I are so excited about your new book. We were talking about our fall plans and how we will celebrate my birtday in November. We have decided we are going to have a Three Pines party! Have a wonderful time on your book tour.

Liz said...

Love "the plan"! I don't own a TV, but I'd definitely find a way to watch a Gamache episode (or two). Please let us know from time to time what is happening on this front.

lil Gluckstern said...

I'm glad to hear we will have a chance to see the films. You all look so happy at the Manor, and have a great tour.

Linda said...

There's never a dull moment in your life, it seems, Louise. Please keep us posted as to the TV deal. What fun! Looking forward to meeting you in Concord, and getting my hands on A Trick of the Light! Be well.

Jeanine Cronin said...

This is so exciting! I know that you will be sure everything is in keeping with your high standards for your stories. Like Linda, I am looking forward to meeting you in Concord and getting my hands on A Trick of the Light. Linda, I hope to meet you, also!