Thursday, 25 August 2011

the quiet before the storm

windy, rainy day - temps 24

Five days to the official World Launch of A TRICK OF THE LIGHT!!!

Pre-launch party this Saturday at Brome Lake Books in Knowlton. the book won't be on sale or on the shelves, but if you buy a ticket to the party (which starts at 2pm) then you get a copy of the book on Saturday. And I'll be very happy to sign it! then, in toronto on Monday at 6pm, I'll be at the new location for Sleuth of Baker Street for another pre-launch party.

But the official - books on the shelves - launch is in Concord, New Hampshire at Gibson's Bookstore. 7pm. I might have mentioned this before (and might again!)

We're watching Hurricane Irene, as are most people along the East Coast. If you're in the area, I hope you're safe. Unbelievable winds. I was slightly nervous that I'd have difficulty flying from Toronto to Boston on Tuesday because of Irene - but seems it will hit Sunday/Monday in that area. so while I'm somewhat relieved for the tour schedule, I continue concerned for those people and communities in the path.

Closer to home, we're in the last two days of rest before the tour - and enjoying every minute.

we're in the cottage now - and loving it!! Feels like a real vacation. so now the main house is ready for the renovations. Really more reparation....but it means kitchen disappears. and so do we. Lise, Donna and Deanna came on Tuesday and packed up. tony helped move furniture. Del and his guys were also there, removing three trees. Then Wayne showed up to cut the grass.

It would have been bedlam - except we all knew what we had to do and did it. It turned out to be hugely fun. Who'd have thought it? Honestly, thank God for Lise and Donna and Deanna.

Sent untold numbers of boxes to the church for their be honest, I'm not certain which church, but if there's one called Our Lady of Bad Taste, then that's where the stuff ended up. Amazing the things we found at the back of cupboards. And then to have Lise or Donna pull it out and hold it up. I insisted the worst of the stuff were gifts - but I think they knew better.

By four that afternoon Michael and Trudy and I were in the cottage next door. It was like sneaking away and finding a bit of peace and quiet. As I said, like a vacation. We sat on the balcony, had a ginger ale, and took a photo for you. This is our new view. Hard not to relax.

This cottage has another advantage...or at least did...there was no internet. I was shocked how serene it felt. We could still get emails on the blackberry, but couldn't access the internet. Now, just before going on tour isn't really the best time to lose internet, so Michael arranged for something called the Hub from Rogers. And magically, we're back on line. But it taught me that being without internet is not one bit stressful. Just the opposite.

However, having found the high road, I am now skidding back down and happily playing in the land of Wireless.

Had friends Margaret and David over here to the cottage for dinner last night. Felt like a house-warming. Tony lit the fire for us (I was afraid squirrels or birds might have made a nest in the chimney, but it was all clear) - had mushroom soup, confit de canard, wild rice, and banana cream pie. Yummy.

Hoping to have a couple of quiet days - then off on book tour. Hoping to see you. It's a very exciting, but enervating, period in my life. Just before the new book comes out. Life is filled with potential. Anything can happen with the book. I'm free to dream. Imagine all sorts of wild successes. Fabulous reviews. Wonderful events. To imagine your reaction.

But my fears can also slip out and grow.

Mostly though I'm just very excited A Trick of the Light is almost in your hands. I sure hope you like it. Between us? I think you might.


Anonymous said...

Louise - I cannot wait for this book! I have loved every one so far and I especially love the audio books. I can see everyone of the characters and Three Pines so vividly in my mind! Selfishly, I hope this series continues forever (no pressure, though) :)

I wish you could come to the midwest (Iowa) for one of your appearances.

Karen L.

Bridget said...

New and very enthusiastic fan!!! I listened to Still Life first and fell in love. Am currently listening to Cruellest Month. Have been trying to figure out the "best" order to read the books. Or is random okay? Have I mentioned how much I love Ruth? I think I might grow up to be just like her. If I do, I hope to have friends like Clara and Myrna who will still like me.

Nelly McCausland said...

Louise! My friends Marta and Juan Pablo are going to Texas this week end and they are getting the book for me! Hopefully I will be reading it in three weeks time.
Cant wait to do so!

Nelly McCausland said...

I did not say I am in Madrid, Spain, did I? Watch out for Irene.
Love your books and I´m infatuated with Gamache. He´s got depth this charachter of yours and very appealing.

Michelle said...

Cannot wait for the book to come out. Just got a gift card for my birthday and plan on using it on A Trick of the Light. Am really hoping you make it back to Arnprior near Ottawa for your book tour. I missed you on your last stop at that bookstore and am hoping you will make it to the Ottawa area again!! My mother in law would drive the 6 hours from Sudbury just to meet you and have you sign her book. Good luck with the tour and the renovations!! Hope to see you some time on the tour.

Shelagh said...

@Bridget - It is best to read the books in order, but they also can be read randomly. However, definitely read "Brutal Telling" before "Bury Your Dead".
Along with the rest of the "Can't Get Enough Of Inspector Gamache" Club, I cannot wait until next Tuesday. I'll be camping out on Aunt Agatha's Bookstore for sure. And to add to our (i.e. Michigan) excitement, Louise will be in Ann Arbor on September 11. Yay!!! See you at Kerrytown, Louise.
Hugs, Shelagh

John said...

I am so very excited that one of your tour stops is in the Chicagoland area! I look forward to seeing you at The Bookstall! Safe travels!!


danielle-momo said...

HOURRAY ! Lac Brome je m'en viens !

D'abord , j'irai au pré-lancement de A Trick of the Light, puis un bon souper suivi de "opera night" au théatre. Finalement, une bonne nuit de sommeil dans un B&B avant le retour à la maisom.

J'ai si hate à samedi. Vous rencontrer est toujours un plaisir et avoir enfin votre septième livre en mains: WOW!

Susan from Texas said...

Louise, add me to the Gamache fan club as well! In fact, have you thought about marketing a men's cologne called "Armand" that is scented with sandalwood and rosewater?

I'm rereading all the books to prepare for A Trick of the Light which I've pre-ordered. I'm sure we'll love it, how could we not?

Mason Canyon said...

I have to confess, I'm listening to A TRICK OF THE LIGHT and loving it. Esther at MacMillian was kind enough to send a copy for me to review. Have a safe and fun tour.

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Cece said...

While I envy you your beautiful cottage view, I envy me more-I still have a new Louise Penny to read! (Well, I hope I have MANY new Louise Pennys to read).... Wish I could get it pre-Irene. We are on the western edge of the most prediticed path of the hurricane. It would give me something to do when I am house-bound by the storm.

Barbara said...

I just noticed that A Trick of the Light is on the new Amazon Vine list. Must hurry to finish my 2 books from them so I can order it.

lil Gluckstern said...

Wishing you a wonderful launch, and a successful, book tour. I can't wait for my copy of "Trick."