Saturday, 6 August 2011

Still Life special

mainly sunny, hot and humid temps 28

We're all hoping this holds until after the annual SPCA fundraising tea this afternoon. It's over at the Bresee farm - they're also a vinyard and make lovely wines, apparently. We've bought some of their free-range beef. What a difference that

Last year Michael and I hosted the SPCA tea - while of course volunteers like Lise and Kirk and Walter and Cynthia and so many others, did all the work. We just swanned around and got all the credit. it was perfect.

But a nice day makes all the far, so good.

We got wonderful news from the american publishers, St.Martin's Press/Minotaur - in the lead-up to the publication of A TRICK OF THE LIGHT they've decided they want to bring as many people to the series as possible, and preferably start with the first book. so they've discounted the eversion, to 2.99. Obviously, this is for a fairly short time - probably a month, perhaps slightly longer.

I know many of you, perhaps all of you, have already read Still Life, but if you know someone who hasn't and is perhaps hesitant, this might be their chance to buy in cheap, and see if they like it. What I love about this is that I feel very strongly that the series is better if read from the beginning. It's not necessary - I really try to write each book so that it stands on its own...but I know it's just more fun if you follow Gamache, Beauvoir, Clara, Ruth et al from the beginning, and see how they're changing.

I really appreciate the publishers doing this - I hope it does bring lots of new readers on board.

Had a very fun day yesterday. Got up early and headed the hour or so to Manoir Hovey for breakfast...poached eggs on a bed or arugula and leeks, with a bechemel cream with goat's cheese - and smoke salmon. Dear Lord.

Then we went to Sherbrooke - a city about twenty minutes from Hovey - to pay off the gas fireplace we're having installed in the autumn renovations. The propane supply company made us give them the names and contact info of two close relatives, who don't live in the house. This didn't speak highly of their confidence in their product.

Then we went off to Eastman - which is this lovely village in the townships...there a woman named Nicole nine years ago started one of the most successful French literary festivals in Quebec. It's called Les correspondences d'Eastman. This was the first year i"d been invited because it's the first year any of my books is available in French.

I was on a panel with two other Quebec crime writers - Johanne Seymour and Andre Jacques. It was moderated by a former colleague, and a friend, Anne Lagace-Dowson. I was more than a little worried that my french would fail. I never really know, at these things, if it's a 'good' french day - or a rotten one. I find it's often difficult enough to describe what my books are really about, and my thoughts on writing and crime fiction, in English. In french it's a potential disaster. I felt I should give the organizers the names of two close relatives, not in the audience. In case.

Well, it was terrific. Everyone was very kind and helpful - especially Anne and my fellow panelists. And the people in the audience listened with great patience as I tried to work out what I wanted to say, and how to say it. Before the panel began, I took this photo of the audience. Don't they look lovely?

And then a nice woman volunteered to use my blackberry to take a photo of us. Andre is (obviously) on the left, then Johanne, me and Anne.

Then we drove a neighbor who was having trouble with her car home - and got back in time for a lovely swim....ahh. And then we fell into bed and watched a Poirot while shelling peas from the garden and eating them, along with tiny tomatoes and radishes - and peaches from Ontario.

We woke up to find tiny peas rolling around in the bed. No princesses here - we both got a sound sleep. Am now washing the sheets, though.

I see that Amazon now seems to be accepting reviews of A TRICK OF THE LIGHT. If you've read it, and liked it, please post one! If you didn't like it - never mind.

Thank you! Hope you're enjoying your weekend.


Laurie Atwater said...

So happy about the ebook promotion! By the way, when is the Three Pines Cookbook coming out? (just a suggestion...)

The Leader of the Band Navigates Retirement said...

A question: as an American who studied French in high school and college (only two years in college, but a wonderful teacher in Twentieth Century French literature!) I am more comfortable with reading it rather than speaking it. Sooo... do you have any advice to give me on a future trip to Quebec City, or should I plunge in, crappy pronunciation and all?

Martha Paley Francescato said...

Shelling peas and eating them? Paradise! Wish I could get fresh peas here. I would not eat them in bed, though ;) When I find fresh peas in a store, I have to boil them for three hours. True!

It won't be too long now for A Trick of The Light. It is due out the 30th of August. That's this month, so it's not too bad! And since I have preordered it for my Kindle, I'll have it that very day!

Cyndy said...

On vacation last month, alone with my Westie in a little cottage near the ocean, I reread all your books. What a treat! Only hitch was craving a croissant and hot chocolate when reading late at night. It was a whole new experience reading the last two back to back...I highly recommend going back, or starting with Still will discover and savor nuances missed in the rush to devour the plot. I could start again, if I had the time.

Niki said...

Well, I'm happy to say we just discovered you thanks for friends (I think mutual friends) of ours.

I mentioned your work in my blog, and a commenter mentioned the great ebook price on your first novel.

We are enjoying working our way through the series,


marje said...

I just received my three sweetly autographed books from LacBrome and I am just so happy after reading the first chapter of TheCruelistMonth to be back to Three Pines. Cape Cod is so like ThreePines, as we are all quirky, many were lost, and all return... Anyway, writing on an author's blog, eating an almond croissant ( from my own cafe... I LOVE those guys at theirs), smiling... Dies this make me an official fan?
My bookclub read book one and I am turning my friends and customers into fans as I blab on and on about the Cantons d'Est! ...having fallen for them on my drive home from Baie St Paul and the Saguenay Fjord.... Sorry, too much information. But thank you and LacBromeBooks.

Barbara said...

Eating peas and peaches in bed? I didn't think I'd ever hear that, and thank heavens you're washing the sheets now. :D Very funny picture in my mind actually, especially since you were watching Poirot - who would be horrified!