Friday, 2 September 2011

Norwich, VT

sunny, mild, lovely day

What a tour! Honestly, after 6 book tours, this is the most wonderful so far. Thanks to you. You absolutely amaze and thrill me. Thank you for coming out to the events - thank you for sending emails and comments - for posting on Facebook. For telling me, and others (!!) about A TRICK OF THE LIGHT and the whole series.


This is so much fun.

Ginny, the author rep, and her husband Jim, have been driving me ALL over new england. We left Kennebunkport yesterday morning - you can see the photo - that's where I had my morning coffee, sitting in an adirondack chair! 4 hour drive to Madison, CT. Poor madison got thumped by the hurricane....for the longest time we weren't sure we could do the event at the fabulous RJ Julia bookstore - then came word...their power was back! But much of the town and surrounding area is still out...People came to the event from all over. You can see the photo. But many of them had no power, and no hope of it returning until next week. And yet they were so cheerful. Not because this gave them pleasure, but because they had no choice. Wonderful.

The event was a blast. Packed! had a chance to speak to many before the event. Thanks to Tracy for hosting it. And to all of you, including the remarkable Marjorie, for coming...she and many others drove hours to be there.

Then Ginny and Jim drove us 4 hours north, to Norwich VT. Highway 91 had been washed out and closed...until just before we left...then we got the word, it had re-opened. Yippeee! Cut at least an hour off the instead of 5 plus, it was 4. arrived just around midnight.

Now, an event at the Norwich Bookstore at 7 tonight, then we're driving to Boston and I fly to Atlanta tomorrow for an event with Amanda Kyle Williams. She has her first thriller out, called THE STRANGER YOU SEEK. It's apparently fabulous. that's at 5:30, as part of the Decatur Literary Festival.

Then fly to Phoenix Sunday.

Thank you - honestly - for reading A TRICK OF THE LIGHT, for writing me - for telling so many others. If you keep it up, so will I! We're a team.

Hope to see you along the way!


Anonymous said...

I loved the book. I devoured it on Tuesday, rushing through it for the story. It was wonderful. And now I'm rereading it for the wonderful writing. Great job Louise! Thank you, and enjoy the tour.

shillelagh said...

"Anonymous" above is so right. I finished "Trick" on Monday afternoon and it's superb. An incredible ending... satisfying, but with such potential...
I too am re-reading it to find the treasures I missed in my enthusiasm to discover the murderer..
Carry on, Louise. Neither snow, nor sleet, nor dead of night... Make that floods and hurricanes/tornadoes... can keep her from her appointed etc.
Travel safely.
Enjoy the accolades; they are so deserved!

Anonymous said...

I could have finished it three times over by now, but I am showing restraint, reading every word, pondering on this and that. And today I received a autographed copy in the mail. My dear friend Marl got it for me Monday (?Tuesday) night in Concord. She says you are as fabulous as your seem .

Nurse Ann in Rochester

Laurie Atwater said...

Ms. Penny, the new book is wonderful. I simply rolled around in it, read on the Kindle with my eyes and then listened to the golden tones of Mr. Cosham on the audio. You hit just the right notes with AA, I think, and I know...because "My name is Laurie, and..." Anyway, thanks for such a fabulous book!

Lisa May said...

It's such fun being on tour with you - and not just because that tour is bringing you here to Houston eventually!

lil Gluckstern said...

I'm writing this on Saturday morning after staying up way too late to read "Trick." This is a beautiful book, Louise, filled with humanity, and the shadows and light of life. Thank you for a remarkable deeply satisfying, pleasure. And continue to enjoy your tour.

Barbara said...

I do wish it had been Norwich, NY. Then I could have been there.