Monday, 29 August 2011

Soooo close

Sunny, mild, beautiful day here in Toronto

Arrived by train last night - up early. Had interview with Mark Medley, books editor of National Post this morning - he brought a photographer...thank God I brushed my hair!

Then off to CBC for an interview

Then lunch with the terrific Raincoast publicist who is putting all this together and 'wrangling' (though thankfully not branding me) through the day.

Supposed to have an interview with the Globe and Mail but that is being rescheduled. Off to sign books soon, then the event tonight at Sleuth of Baker street. Their new address: 907 Millwood Rd - 416-483-3111. Party and signing starts at 6 and goes to 7:30. Then off to Boston tomorrow and being met by Ginny, who'll drive me to Concord, NH and the official world launch at Gibson's bookstore.

So far, so good. I find a lot of book tour is remembering it's a marathon not a sprint. So, trying to conserve energy, while still being present for everyone - and enjoying myself. I actually love the events themselves, frankly it's just the traveling that I find draining.

Michael kept in touch all yesterday, knowing how worried I was about leaving him with the storm. And what a storm! Not so much the winds, thank heaven, but a deluge of rain. More than 100 millimeters - almost four inches. Vermont, of course, got pummeled. Dreadful. They've had such a difficult few months with flooding, and now this. We love Vermont and Vermonters - being so close physically makes us feel close emotionally too. Very upsetting to see video of the waters.

Michael lost power (or the house did) at about 4 yesterday - after it flickered on and off all day. In fact, hundreds of thousands in Quebec were without hydro (what we call power, since our comes from water power). So he went to bed early, thinking it wouldn't be on for a day, maybe more. Happily, and amazingly, it came back on at 8:30.

I find it both comforting and difficult to write about Michael and home. I feel so close to them, and miss them so much, and long to be there. And yet, I'm so happy to be on tour too. I know this will get easier as the tour progresses....and then get harder again as I near the end and can 'see' them. Just one foot in front of the other.... And how lucky am I that even if I'm sad, I get to open a door and see your smiling faces.

The great photo at the top was taken by Danny at Brome Lake Books on Saturday night.

Hope you like A TRICK OF THE LIGHT. I can't believe the day is finally here....well, just hours away.


Anonymous said...

Louise, this is a great start! I am also ready for Trick of the Light (finished BYD on the plane last night from Vancouver to Montreal). I am also glad that I have ready ALL the previous books of yours in the series. It is so much more easier and also enjoyable to understand the next volume. Hope to meet you again in Montreal (at Chapter, or Paragpraph or the Salon du livre). Safe travels and all the best! VT

Carol T. Fertig said...

Laughing at your "wrangled" but not "branded" comment. Us Texas gals do appreciate that humor!! Have preordered "A Trick of the Light" and am planning to set it aside for a special treat for myself. I need something for September since I am not teaching school any more and feel slightly bereft each autumn. Have a wonderful time with your signings, promotions, etc., etc., etc.

lil Gluckstern said...

Glad that Michael is safe and sound. Enjoy your tour, and it will be over in the twinkling of an eye. I'm sending a friendly smile your way.

Anonymous said...

I discovered your books late in life when I saw a display at B&N for #4. "Inspector Gamache" clicked somewhere in my brain and I just scooped up all four and went to Three Pines in my mind. With anxious anticipation, I managed to wait for the next - and now I'm waiting for the latest. I was at B&N at 9 a.m., but no joy - the box hadn't yet arrived! Yes, I should have ordered it - no, I wanted the pleasure of dancing to the display and clutching it all the way home!

When you first announced the release date, I put it in my calendar along with radiation, chemo, and surgeries - I've had colon cancer, followed by more chemo - they tell me they think it's gone now (I'm a survivor!)- but August 30 was one of my goals - it seemed so far away when I was first diagnosed. Now I see that you will be in my area in January to sign books and I have another goal! I rarely comment (maybe once) but do visit your blog when I can. I have been re-reading in order to be ready for this gift from your heart. I know you work hard at your craft and it is appreciated. Sometimes I turn over sentences in my head and, yes, you have found the best way to say what you mean. I can hardly wait for B&N to call!

Ah, anticipation! Thank you in advance!
- Daisy in AZ (where January is usually cool but delightful)

Anonymous said...

So excited to have picked up my copy of "A Trick of the Light". Love the books. I got the first one for Christmas and finished all the others by February! So glad Aug. 30 is here!!

Brenda Buchanan said...

Congratulations on the launch of A Trick of the Light, Louise! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night in Kennebunk.

Also, very happy to hear Sutton (and Michael, and Trudy) were spared the worst of Irene. There have been so many sad stories out of Vermont this week.

Brenda B.

Colombine said...

Bon lancement Louise! Profitez même... sans Michael :-)

Anonymous said...

Louise will see you tonight -, Lac Brome last year much closer and equally anticipated Kennebunk. Another moment with Inspector Gamache's creator, is an evening well spent.
Dotty Gilchrest

Anonymous said...

I am now limiting my reading to no more than a chapter a day. Well two maybe. Love how you are dealing with Clara and Peter. Love how you do everything in fact.

Annie in Rochester