Thursday, 10 June 2010


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You'll never guess what happened...and you'll probably think I'm making this up now, I've had such great good fortune recently - but STILL LIFE has been shortlisted for an award...almost six years after being published. The Barry Award for Best Crime/Mystery Novel of the Decade!

Since this is 2010 it seemed a good time for the people at Deadly Pleasures magazine to look back on the past decade, so they put together this special Barry for this year.

Here's the list


Ken Bruen - The Guards
Michael Connelly - The Lincoln Lawyer
Stieg Larsson - The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Dennis Lehane - Mystic River
Louise Penny - Still Life
Carlos Ruiz Zafon - The Shadow of the Wind

What I love about this category is that I suspect it will be hotly debated...the ones left off. The ones on it. However, I will not be one of the people debating!

More editing/writing today...going well...slowly, but well. Off tonight to do a Skype. Skype doesn't work in our home - we're too remote, so we've discovered we need to go into the village and use the highspeed there. The cafe called Cafetier offers free highspeed. Now the problem is that it closes at 7pm, and the skype tonight is at 8pm...but I've been assured that if I sit in the car outside the cafe I can still get the high speed.

I think Jane Austen had to do exactly this...and Dennis Lehane, all the time.

But I'm happy to do Skype and meet readers, and this is with the Chicago Library system, so that's fun.

I'm just afraid I'll hare off out of here and forget the laptop!

rainy today so Gary's coming tomorrow to take the photos for the Globe and Mail of the baby blue beetle.


Lesa said...

As I said before, Louise, congratulations! And, good luck with SKYPE tonight. Are you going to tell them you're sitting in the car in order to do it?

Beth said...

Oh my heck! Congratulations!! You are in great company, as are the others.

Still Life is the mystery from the last decade which I have given as a gift most often. My version of a vote for you. :)

Beth in Oregon

Anonymous said...

Awesome recognition of your talent by your peers, with multiple nominations. Congratulations and may there be many more!

Reen said...

So fantastic! Also thanks for listing other writers in your blogs-- a great way to find "new" authors to read. I pass them on to my friends as well, when recommending your books. Congratulations!

Diane said...

Wow!! It is such good news, another nomination! Years of diligently writing as you have done so faithfully, deserves all the kudos your writing and books deserve.

glenys said...

Congratulations! You (and Still Life!) definitely deserve to be on that list.

Jill said...

Congratulations on all of your awards. All well deserved, I might add.

The visual of dear Jane Austen, roaming the streets of Bath...looking for internet connections...trying to Skype. Made me grin.

lil Gluckstern said...

Wow, what great company all of you are in-good luck. So do you ever have a "who'd a thunk it" moment? Your honors are well deserved, and speak to your quality. Jane Austen(!?!) In a Beetle? Big smile of the day!

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

Oh, such a busy time I forgot to mention in Friday's blog that the Skype worked beautifully. Sat in the car, in sutton and there, on my laptop, were people sitting in the Chicago Public Library! the only thing that went 'wrong' was that it was 8pm here...and as the Skype gathering went on, the sun began to set that I slowly faded to black. I'm sure there's an interior light in the bug, but I couldn't find it.

thank you for your lovely, kind, supportive comments about the Barry, and the other nominations. And yes, I love how you put it...the 'who'd a thunk it' moments! So many. Perhaps espeically for the Barry nom. for Still Life. A book written in cow fields and beside lakes - and a book no one many turned it down. And now this.

Wow...who'd a thunk it!

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