Saturday, 19 June 2010

Starred Kirkus!!

mainly sunny, humid, now overcast and raining temps 28

Hot, muggy day. Spent most of it on the porch, writing/editing. Got to page 211 of 233...closing in on The End. I'm liking a lot of the new edit. Taking a lot out out the first draft...but this couldn't have been done without the first draft. Each builds on the last.

Had GREAT news yesterday. BURY YOUR DEAD has received a rare starred review in Kirkus. There're four big pre-publication journals - mostly for insiders...libraries, booksellers, other reviewers. So a good review is important. And a starred review is as wonderful as you suspect it is! And Kirkus is notoriously stingy with stars, so this is GREAT news. Here's a small excerpt - from the last paragraph:

Gamache’s excruciating grief over a wrong decision, Beauvoir’s softening toward the unconventional, a plot twist so unexpected it’s chilling, and a description of Qu├ębec intriguing enough to make you book your next vacation there, all add up to a superior read. Bring on the awards.


Had great fun yesterday. A fish and chips dinner at a places called Les Appalache in Sutton with Gary and Cheryl, then Cheryl, Michael and I went over to Joan's meditation centre for a special evening listening to Joan read her poetry and short stories. She's an inspired writer, and reads wonderfully. It was terrific. and the place was packed!

Today we're off to a party tonight. Tomorrow in to Montreal for Father's Day.

I want to end by giving my heartfelt thanks to Lee Ann, for being willing to expose her heart to us. And for turning her grief into action. Swords into ploughshares.

Thank you Lee Ann for the beautiful post. And reminding me in the flurry of my average day, what matters.


whalewatcher said...

That is great news about the Kirkus star! I am jealous of all the people who have read Bury Your Dead.
When it comes out in the fall I may have to take a day off work to read it ; - )
Really like the new pictures. There you are with your blue VW. I am a little concerned for you seeing the one w/Michael at the wheel. Isn't it your car? : 0 )
Humid and hot here too....yuck.
Enjoy your weekend!

A. Wright said...

Love the picture of you and Trudy by your new blue baby!!

Congrats on the starred review from Kirkus, the teaser has me salivating. I thought "The Brutal Telling" was your best yet, and it just took my breath away, now this review has me antsy to get my hands on the next book. I'll try to wait patiently but it is really, really hard. Your books are so wonderful!!

suzy said...

Imagining you doing your happy dance amongst the peonies! Congratulations!

Jodi Kaplan said...


Oooh, I wanna read it now! Sigh.

Love the new photos too.

Lesa said...

Congratulations, Louise! Very unusual for a Kirkus review. I have a copy, but I'm patiently waiting until a little later. (Or, I could read it now, and post my review for close to pub date.) Nah, I think I'll wait.

Jeanine said...

WOW !!!!!!!!!


:-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

lil Gluckstern said...

Oh so cool on all fronts! Me too, I want to read "Bury Your Dead" right now, congratulations on your star! And a whoopee for your baby-such a wonderful shot, very country estate-ish. I saw one on the road, and imediately thought of you- with a smile..

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

So glad you've seen the 'baby' - and recognized the reality - it is no longer my car. But very happy to be driven by the happiest man alive.

And hope you all like Bury Your Dead when the time comes - Have to say, I reeeally like this book!

Tammy said...

So baffled....since your new blog design, I can only see half of your blog (the bottom half and the comments)....this is when viewing from blogger. Now if I go to your website and click your blog link, I can see the whole thing...wonder why?

Tammy in MO