Saturday, 12 June 2010

a cafe au lait, in a bowl with a chocolatine, svp

mainly sunny, mild, temps 21

Well, this is just heaven...and so like heaven, it is unexpected. I'm sitting on the terrasse of Le Cafetier in Sutton, having just ordered a ... well, I think you know. Accessing their high speed, which makes me giddy with excitment. And now, at this moment, two huge draft horses are walking by, pulling a cart filled with kids. And down the street I can see our little VW.

I was supposed to meet a friend - Susan - for coffee...but she called to say she was under the Michael's having a coffee with a friend - Tim - and I decided to come in and sit at another table...and just relax.

Doesn't happen very often where I suddenly find I have an hour or so 'free'. And I have to say, as most of you have experienced, it is glorious to sit on a terrasse in summer, watching the world. And, as an added bonus, a Leonard Cohen album is playing.

Spent the morning and most of the afternoon doing more editing/writing. Had a few ideas and am pursuing them. Thank you for all your encouraging words.

Again, as a sort of gift from heaven, a young neighbor dropped by about 3pm. Eugene. We saw him grow up but hadn't really seen him in a few years...and now he's a young man with a beard!!! But he was talking about his older brother, Amos, who's a muscian...and how much respect he has for Amos. He says he thinks of Amos as a soldier. Strapping this huge backpack on, called his career, and marching ahead. No matter what happens.

I felt like crying.

What a powerful analogy...and coming from this remarkable young man, who has such admiration for his brother.

And I dare to think maybe that's a little of what I'm doing. It inspired keep going.

Fortunately, we are not that what we do might be difficult, but no one is trying to harm us. And when we reach the summit, what joy!

Am going to sit back, relax, sip my coffee, eat my chocolatine, and and wave to the kids going by.


Linda said...

You DO know how to live in the moment, and get every drop out of life, don't you? You're an inspiration! Congrats on your latest recognitions.

Marjorie said...

Now that I have looked up chocolatine....yum. I am glad you had an unexpected hour of quality alone time. Good for the brain.

--Marjorie from Connecticut

Reen said...

Mmmm- cafe au lait to "Tower of Song."

lily carol said...

Let us forget the lapse of time;
let us forget the conflict of opinions.
Let us make our appeal to the infinite,
and take up our positions there.
--Chuang Tzu

lil Gluckstern said...

Love Leonard Cohen-I saw him in a small cafe when we were all a lot younger. Canada does produce some mighty talented people! Your friend's image is very powerful, we are all trekking, some more successfully than others, but still a lot of hard work. Enjoyed your chocolatine in my mind, so good. Enjoy your quiet moment.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

Yes, these unexpected blessings, these moments of peace and contentment. And chocolatine. Imagine, paradise catered.

Love the Chuang Tzu quote too, Lily.

Thank you all!