Friday, 4 June 2010

Anthony Nomination!

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Great news...The Brutal Telling has been nominated for an Anthony Award in the States as the Best Crime Novel of the Year!!!

Here's the list of nominees - in alphabetical order:


THE LAST CHILD - John Hart [Minotaur Books]
THE GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH FIRE - Stieg Larsson, translated by Reg Keeland [Quercus/Knopf]
THE BRUTAL TELLING - Louise Penny [Minotaur Books]
THE SHANGHAI MOON - S.J. Rozan [Minotaur Books]


THE SWEETNESS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PIE - Alan Bradley [Delacorte Press]
STARVATION LAKE - Bryan Gruley [Touchstone]
A BAD DAY FOR SORRY - Sophie Littlefield [Minotaur Books]
THE TWELVE/THE GHOSTS OF BELFAST - Stuart Neville [Harvill Secker/Soho Press]
IN THE SHADOW OF GOTHAM - Stefanie Pintoff [Minotaur Books]


BURY ME DEEP - Megan Abbott [Simon & Schuster]
TOWER - Ken Bruen and Reed Farrel Coleman [Busted Flush Press]
QUARRY IN THE MIDDLE - Max Allan Collins [Hard Case Crime]
STARVATION LAKE - Bryan Gruley [Touchstone]
DEATH AND THE LIT CHICK - G.M. Malliet [Midnight Ink]
AIR TIME - Hank Phillippi Ryan [Mira]

Fabulously strong fields!!! I wanted you to see the other nominees because I suspect most of you love reading good crime and mystery fiction and these are the best - whoever wins.

Congratulations to all the nominees...I know this is an exciting day for all of us.

Am in Montreal...arrived just after 9 last night. Driving over the bridge in construction season is always terrible, so we find it best to do it extremely early in the morning or fairly late at night. Coming in last night gave me the entire day to work on editing the next book. Got lots done. As I get further into the book less needs to be done, as the themes and characters became clearer. Am also winnowing it down, making it sharper and clearer. I hope!

Michael called to say he'd taken our new baby - the beetle - into Knowlton for lunch. Top down. He showed it off to everyone and even took Lucy from Brome Lake books for a spin. What a guy. I'm not gone 12 hours and he'd picking up pretty women and showing off his 'etchings'. He sure sounded hyped though - having a blast.

Off to Toronto tomorrow morning - by train...such a nice trip. Will blog from there.

Be well.


JenniYeni said...

Congratulations on the nomination! Fantastic news.

Bev Stephans said...

Congratulations on the nomination. I hope you win as I enjoyed reading "The Brutal Telling".

Debbie said...

Congratulations on the nomination.

I agree with you about the construction season. That is one of the reasons why I always took the scenic route through the smaller towns. It normally took a bit longer, but in construction season, it was a bit shorter.

Enjoy your new beetle.

Mason Canyon said...

Congratulations on the nomination. Wishing you all the best.

Thoughts in Progress

Brenda B. said...

Dear Louise,

I'm delighted to hear The Brutal Telling has been nominated for an Anthony. Thanks also for posting all of the nominees in those categories. I've read a number of those books and agree they are deserving of nomination.

Love your stories about the new beetle. It's fun to picture you and Michael motoring around the Quebec countryside with the top down.

Best to both of you,

Brenda B.

Beth said...

Wonderful news, and well-deserved. I'll be rooting for you!

in Oregon

Anonymous said...

Fantastic news about Michael showing off his 'etchings' to Lucy.. it takes the pressure off me. Gorgeous car by the way!!! Sweet! I'm waiting for my spin when You come back to town.. wink wink nudge nudge. And congratulations on the Anthony!!! Yay!


lil Gluckstern said...

Congratulations on the Anthony nomination, and I also thank you for posting the other nominees. I have a lot of reading to do. Somehow, I don't think you are in any danger with Michael and his etchings. Isn't this supposed to be your car? Besides, you are the expert on murder. Now that is a terrible joke. Enjoy!

Marni said...

Many congratulations on the Anthony Award. You deserve it all and more~

Reen said...

:) Congratulations!
U..U Woof!

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

Thank you for the Anthony joy!! I feel it, and so appreciate it. so much more fun to go through all this with all of you.

The Danny in the comment is Lucy's husband and co-owner of the fabulous Brome Lake Books! Danny - I'll happily give you a spin. Wink wink.

And lil - quite car - and murders R US. Watch out.