Friday, 25 June 2010

the long list

overcast, smattering of rain, cool - temps 19

Doug and the kids have arrived for anotehr visit! Including Buttercup, the hound from Hell. Very, very fun to have them. True to form they were here about three minutes and found a wasps nest. No one got stung, except the dogs, but they didn't seen disturbed. I tell ya, these kids are like dowsers, but what they find are wasp nests. It seems a limited gift.

Michael and I went to visit a friend this morning - had a lovely visit... by the time we got back the family was here. If you'd like to hear more about the chaos that ensued, just visit my blog today at The Lipstick Chronicles. They're so kind to have asked me to join, and I'll be blogging once a month.

On another topic, the wonderful George Easter, the editor of Deadly Pleasures magazine, published their Long List for the Barry for Crime/Mystery novel of the decade. As you might remember, Still Life made it onto the shortlist, much to my delight. I'm thrilled...and what company. And what an honour, especially when you consider the books and authors who were closely, as I say, is the long list. I pass this on knowing that it will, and should spark debate about who really does deserve to be nominated....


Lee Child, ONE SHOT

Jasper Fforde, THE EYRE AFFAIR

Arnaldur Indridason, JAR CITY

Joe Lansdale, THE BOTTOMS


Thomas H. Cook, RED LEAVES


Must be off...frankly I'm exhausted. Just want to lie in bed and read...or stare at a blank all. More guests arriving tomorrow...but I also have to admit, we love it! Clearly we wouldn't do it if we didn't. We just adore these kids...and Doug.

Speak to you tomorrow....


Ruthie from NH said...

Louise, If a movie were to be made of one (or all) of your books, who would you choose to play Gamache? Just curious.

Robin Agnew said...

RED LEAVES is truly a wonderful book - I saw the short list and personally would make some switches (not Still Life, of course) but a case could be made for EVERY SECRET THING, also a fantastic book. But congrats for being on the short one, well deserved.

whalewatcher said...

Hi Louise and Candy,
: - ) It was nice of you to encourage me in my snorkeling, thanks. I'm not often a risk taker, but this was one of those out of comfort zone moments that I'm so glad I tried. Haven't had much chance since then because we don't have any beautiful oceans in the Midwest ; -( but I hope to snorkel again one day!
Enjoyed the blog for Lipstick Chronicles....
I understand where you were headed w/what the 'miraculous' Buttercup might do and I'd really have to think about reading that book,,,ha!
Have a super family weekend. It's so humid here I think I'll stay in.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Ruthie,

That's a fun question...the actor I see as Gamache (though oddly he doesn't fit the exact description in the books) is an irish actor named Ciaran Hinds. Saw him in Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day. Wonderful.

Hi Robin, I thought it was a fascinating long list...and can't imagine how difficult it was for the judges. I'm frankly just glad Still Life was even considered! How wonderful. But I love debating the relative merits of the books.

Hi Kathy, so glad you enjoyed snorkling!!!