Thursday, 24 June 2010

Saint-Jean Baptiste

overcast, showers, temps 21

This is June 24th, which here is a holiday - almost everything's closed! St. John the Baptist is the patron saint of Quebec. Nowhere else in Canada celebrates this one else even knows what their patron saint is! Something else that makes Quebec a 'distinct society'.

Feels so amazing to be finished the draft...and as you've picked up on, being happy with it. Phewph.

Bit of a busy day. Visited a friend in hospital this morning, then off for breakfast in Cowansville. Then started on the pile of things that have been left undone while I wrote...emails, scheduling....spoke to my UK editor...wrote the first draft of the July newsletter. My first blog for The Lipstick Chronicles is tomorrow. I do it once a month. Such terrific women writers over might check it out if you have time.
I wrote the blog today and saved it to be put up at 1am.

Had a lovely visit with our neighbours, Guy and Nicole next door. Sat in the beautiful back garden, and walked their paths.

Amazing to have time now to breathe...ahhh.

Thank you for all your lovely comments. Am now relaxing in front of the TV, watching BBC Canada...Escape to the Country. One of the British real estate shows...such fun.


Joanne said...

I know the Lipstick Chronicles! Will look for your post there tomorrow!

Melissa B. Tubbs said...

I undestand your "Phewph" I feel the same way when I finish a drawing and it turns out the way I pictured it in my mind.

Reen said...

Probably explains why so many of my Quebec ancestors are named Jean Baptiste - including more than a few Jean Baptiste Jeans. Makes the study of local family history really fun.

Congratulations on finishing yesterday. Bring on the books!

Brenda B. said...

Congratulations on finishing the rewrite/revision/redo, Louise.

Glad to hear you are kicking back a bit and luxuriating in pleasurable things like hanging out in the garden with friends.

Hooray for you!

Brenda B. in Maine

Marjorie said...

And here is the link to the Lipstick Chronicles (cut and paste):

--Marjorie from Connecticut

Cece said...

Yippee! Feeling 10 pounds lighter, giddy, yet serene? Congratulations on a job well done.
And to the vehicle rescuers as well.
Thanks to Marjorie for the link.

Jeanine said...

Louise, I just read your post on Lipstick Chronicles, one of the blogs I follow faithfully every day. I am rolling on the floor laughing. I thought my dog Moose was the only one that did this sort of thing. I'm delighted to know that others are just as bad, if not even worse!

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all, so glad some of you visited the blog over at The Lipstick Chronicles! A great blog site...highly recommend it. And thank you for your joy at my finishing the first draft...I can't help smiling you say - a ton lifted.