Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Lap dance with a box

sunny, mild, temps 22

Cowansville day! Our favorite. Breakfast in cowansville, then chores. Not much today, thankfully. Bank, fruit and vegetable shop, then the pool place where we bought these float things. We'd, of course, completely forgotten the New World Order, where the beetle rules. But is a tiny, perfect empress.

The floats would not fit into the car. Not the trunk, not the back seat (taken up with the windscreen.) finally we wedged one under the screen and the other, this huge white box, sat on my lap all the way home. I think Michael quite liked the new arrangement since it stopped me from saying, 'Watch out for the pothole", 'you can pass now' - there's a moose.

All I saw was a white box. Might as well have been in soviet moscow. Got home, renewed the peonies and lupines in the vases and got to work.

And then the parade started. Wayne, God Bless him, showed up to cut the lawn. Deanna showed up to do the windows. Tony showed up with gas cans.

And about a million geese showed up! (I counted). I couldn't believe it. Eight adults and a gazillion little ones. We can practically walk on the pond, it is now solid, wall-to-wall geese. Now, I have to say, they're beautiful to watch. What is a lot less beautiful is what they drop on the lawn. One goose - about the size of a dinosaur - poops so big if we would dry it out we could build a log cabin out of it.

We're now a leeetle worried. We have a garden party coming up in July, a fundraiser for the SPCA,...and people might have to come in their party frocks and wellies. Blech.

More writing/editing today. Saw the cover for the French version of Still Life - En Plein Coeur. LOVE it. Very exciting.

Hope you're well. Speak tomorrow, I hope.


Aimee said...

Personally, my Wellies are so festive (bright turquoise) that I would happily wear them with a party frock if I could. :)

You could make it your theme - Wear Your Best Wellies.

JennyYeni said...

If the SPCA group won't appreciate wildlife then nobody will!

Marjorie said...

After watching the Edmunton Goosecam this spring for weeks, I can't help but love the geese, even with their prodigious droppings. I am sure that once the geese know you are raising money for the benefit of animals, they'll go poo on the neighbor's land during the party!

--Marjorie from Connecticut

A. Wright said...

Gorgeous new picture for the banner of your blog site!!

lil Gluckstern said...

Beautiful new blog site. Nice surprise. Your computer elves have been working.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

I agee - the geese are gorgeous...but the magnitude of poop does take some getting used to! Love the idea of them pooping on the neighbours land. Shhh -

And I agree...hasn't Linda Lyall, the website elf - done a magnificent job???