Sunday, 13 June 2010

The View From Here

sunny, warm, temps 28

A splendid, unexpected, day. It was supposed to rain, but not a drop. Instead it is sunny and cool, then warm, and now hot.

Spent the morning struggling some more. Writing, erasing, re-organizing, erasing. Arrgh. I know what the problem is. I need to streamline the thoughts, and it's a complex spot. But it needs to not read as though it's complex. There are four or five things that need to be said, that have to get in. And one right way of putting them all in. It's like the rubic's cube or any puzzle. And so I try this and try that. Getting closer, then something just doesn't fit and I need to try again.

But then we needed to head off for an early lunch with Cheryl, on the terrasse of the Cafe Floral in Knowlton. Gary was supposed to be there but golf called. Poor man, smitten by golf. Of course, my guy's smitten by a VW. I wonder which is worse?

So it was Cheryl, Michael and I...wonderful lunch. Great chats. Then off to Mansonville, about 20 minutes down a very picturesque road - toward the US border - to do an event in the local library. Michael, of course, drove. Lise was saying when he drove away the otehr day in the car, with the top down, and she and donna were working in the garden...and he tooted the horn, they turned to each other and said, 'Louise has lost the car.' What they failed to appreciate is that I've also lost a husband. If he could marry the beetle he would. I suspect it's in the will.

But what a magnificent drive. Sunny, warm, feeling so free in this peppy, fabulous car. And waching the scenery go by and relaxing I had some ideas for how to solve this little problem. Most frustrating. In the book it will be about 2 pages...but it needs to be right. And it's close. Tomorrow I have nothing...a blank with luck i will solve it by then.

Loved the talk at the Mansonville library. Not that I was so brilliant, but there were lots of people and everyone just made me feel so comfortable. Such nice people. Including Lise - who came out in the most beautiful floral sundress on her day off.

Then Michael and I piled into the bug and drove over the mountain back to Sutton, stopping for ice cream on the way. Am now home, writing to you, sitting with a ginger ale, cranberry and raspberry drink on the screen porch. From where I sit I can hear birds in the trees, a single bee. I can see the Japanese lilac in bloom, as well as alliums, tall digitalis in soft pink. Striking blue irises and bright orange poppies. By the pool one of the peonies has burst into bloom.

Peace and quiet. Ahhh.

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Marjorie said...

Testing, testing. 1, 2, 3.

--Marjorie from CT