Saturday, 26 June 2010

Never bored

Overcast, cool, rainy temps 15

Very cool - and not in a good way. Doug and the kids have just headed out to go to Sutton, do some shopping. I think the kids are bored. But when their friends arrive tonight I think that'll get better. Funny, but I feel somehow responsible and guilty when they're bored.

I think it also doesn't help that for some reason I'm just exhausted. Can barely keep my eyes open. No energy. I think it's the stress of finishing the edit and finally being able to exhale...except still have things to do. Do while I've exhaled and sort of collapsed I still have to get up and do things. Like event in Hudson, Quebec. Driving in to Montreal tonight after dinner...stay the night...and driving 45 minutes or so out to Hudson. Lovely place...and fun event.

They're very kind to take me out to lunch first, then speaking and reading at 2pm. It's at the Greenwood Centre for Living History, at 254 Main Road, Hudson. Should be home by 5 or 6pm. We've decided to stay the night in Montreal, then drive out Monday.

Wish I wasn't so tired, but I know this is natural, and just life. And will pass. Right now I dream of having a hot bubble bath, crawling into bed with diet ginger ale and a package of Social Teas. And watching Flipping Out, or Location, Location, or House Hunters International. And do nothing. For a week.

But I suspect many of you feel like that.

We have friends who've retired and once they finish reading the newspaper every day they don't know what to do. Like the kids, they're bored. Bored is never a problem for us.


Lee Ann said...

I'm tired too, but since I lack a package of Social Teas, I've been sitting here eating fudge syrup off a spoon. Much less noble.

You deserve a week of doing nothing after finishing your edit and entertaining your visitors--enjoy a little down time!

Aimee said...

House Hunters International is one of my guilty pleasures. But I can only watch it when it's Americans looking to buy overseas. That way I can make snotty and hateful comments about how horribly they're behaving by whining about things they would expect in America. Um, hello, isn't that why you're LEAVING America?

Then spent of my meanness I can return to my real life a nice person again. : )

Linda said...

I'm with Lee Ann-- Lock the doors, unplug the phone, and UNWIND. You've earned it.
I've been picturing different Hollywood types as Armand and haven't hit on the right one yet. (Probably the wrong place to look...) A fun exercise... just in case.

Diane said...

Hope you take a well-deserved REST! I've been following your blob for awhile now (look forward to it each day) so I know how busy a life you lead - very little down time from what I can gather. There, end of my mothering.

Armand - Hollywood - love Linda's thoughts. I'm going to spend some time chasing down that idea.

lil Gluckstern said...

You earned your tired, lots of hard work! Enjoy some respite, and I'm jealous of the Social Teas. I used to have them with my mom and, of course, tea. They are not available here in Northern California. Nothing quite replaces them. Take care.

whalewatcher said...

Hhmm, putting your books into movies...I'm so old everyone I think might be a good choice for Armand has already left this mortal coil. I don't know a lot of actors these days. I do think I see Colin Firth in there somewhere though. ; )
Hope you get some rest and rejuvenation!

Dana said...

Hi Louise,
We have just returned to Lenn from a family reunion in Maine - that is our family and a family from India who came to Canada when we did - late 60s. Found three Tim Hortons near the hotel and created quite a stir every morning with the saris/blonds/French speaking and very boisterous group.
I suggest A&E's Billy the Exterminator when you need a break from house hunting. Very relaxing and makes one glad our animals have only eaten all the Hosta and blackberries.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all, thanks for not making me feel lazy or a bad aunt! Feeling better today after a good night's sleep - but SO happy to have a fairly quiet day. And will check out the exterminator show!

Lee Ann - LOVE that you're eating chocolate syrup with a spoon!!! My hero.

I know Lee Ann and you all sure deserve time off too! I hope you find it.