Monday, 14 June 2010

Does it go here? or here? or over here???

rainy, cold, temps 19

Started out very warm. but then the rain came. At first it was lovely...a warm summer rain, but then the wind changed and it got not just cool but cold. I'd left laundry on the line last night and fortunately took it in before the rains came. We ate breakfast on the screen porch and started working out there, on the laptop...few things more peaceful than sitting in a screen porch listening to the rain fall.

But as soon as it turned cold, we skiddadled inside. Michael laid and lit the fire and we spent the rest of the day there. Have just taken a break...watching some of the World Cup - but will get back to the book. Solved the problem, did more editing...but am now in another mire...noticing stuff I've repeated, so now I need to figure out where it is best to give this information. Trial and error, really. Moving back and forth. By page count it seems not much progress, but this has to be done. And kinda fun, really. Like a puzzle, again.

What a wonderful feeling!!! Nothing to do today except write/edit. Off for breakfast in Cowansville tomorrow - then home again to more writing. And nothing else.

I yearn for days like this, as you know. Well, back to work.


Dana said...

My comment window is working again! Thank you, gods of the internet.
We will be enjoying whatever the weather has to offer in the Townships next week. I better plan for the unexpected.

bgpringle said...

Dana, be prepared for anything. Since we arrived back in Hatley from Mississippi 3 weeks ago, we've had everything from 92F (33C) to cold and rainy and everything in between.
Louise, I was without a computer for 3 weeks. Have just caught up with your blog - you're so busy as usual. Hope all the puzzles work themselves out.

lil Gluckstern said...

Hang in there, Louise. So much of a journey is slogging. You always get there. The computer devils must have been out. I called for some tech help from Apple, and got Ron in Peterborough, Ontario. So there I am telling him how some of my favorite singers, and writers, and hockey players, are from Canada, my second favorite country. He was young, and I'm not, but he did laugh, and he did help me. You walk along with me, and we haven't even met! At least not in person.

lily carol said...

I have to go out of town tomorrow for one week. I shall enjoy catching up on your blog entries when I return. Enjoy the adventure.

I'll leave you with two quotes from Emily Carr. We share the same birthday ~ December 13th.

"Let the movement be slow and savour of solidity at the base and rise quivering to the tree tops and to the sky, always rising to meet it joyously and tremulously... the spirit must be... perpetually moving through, carrying on and inducing a thirst for more and a desire to rise." - -- Emily Carr

"There is a need to go deeper, to let myself go completely, to enter into the surroundings in the real fellowship of oneness, to lift above the outer shell, out into the depth and wideness where God is the recognized centre and everything is in time with everything, and the key-note is God." - -- Emily Carr