Tuesday, 8 June 2010

A string and a prayer

sunny, cloudy, warm, cold, dry - then torrential rains. All normal.

Back home in Sutton!! Feel I've been away longer than I have. So wonderful to be home. Played with Trudy, hugged Michael, cut the first peonies and some lupines out at the pond. visited Markus. Wrote. Took Trudy to the Vets, with Michael - just for some rabies shots and other shots...and some heart worm prevention stuff. All's well.

All's better than well.

When I stepped out of the car and hugged and kissed Michael and asked how his breakfast in Cowansville was he said - It was grovelous.


He started to say 'Grotesque' (as it massive) - and changed halfway to 'marvelous' (as in massive).

Feels so amazingly good to be home. But it was also a wonderful time away...everything, as you saw, went so smoothly.

Met Simone at 8 at the cafe creme in Westmount. hadn't met her before. She's the publicist for the launch of Still Life in French. The French title is En Plein Coeur - which means Right in the Heart. The literal, exact, translation of Still Life is - Nature Mort. A GREAT title, but so great it's been used a million times. So we went with the other, which is also a magnificent title.

The publisher herself, from Flammarion Quebec, Louise Loiselle, also came, which was a lovely surprise. She was on vacation. so the three of us sat around and talked strategy and touring and timing. And it became clear that this fall I would in fact be juggling three tours.

The US and Canadian tours for Bury Your Dead.
The Canadian tour for the literacy novella The Hangman
And the Canadian/Quebec tour for the French translation of Still Life, En Plein Coeur

Very exciting. But crucial to pay close attention to scheduling. fortunately, everyone is very reasonable and fairly flexible...though there are some dates that can't be changed...like the Miami and nashville and Montreal Book Fairs, and the literary festivals.

I had two very large, extra strong, cafe au laits - no breakfast - and boing...what a caffeine rush! Drove - having to pay close attention - to my dentist for a cleaning - then home.

It was very cold this morning, but Michael told me he bundled up, put the roof down, and drove the beetle to Cowansville for breakfast. I tell you - he's in love with this car.

Our neighbor saw him and remembered he - like one of you - used to have a karman Gia (sp?) Said he might just see if he can get one again. We might have to rename the road...VW way.

Gary's coming on Thursday to take a photo of me with the car for The Globe and Mail. I thought it would be fun to sit in the car and have old fashioned goggles and a scarf appear to be flapping out behind me...but I would obviously be stationary. So I did what I always do... Oh, Lise...

Emailed My Assistant Lise and asked her how she'd get that effect. A few hours later she sent back the funniest email, with a bunch of suggestions! What a creative woman she is...and i have to think, not many assistants get urgent requests like that.

her winning suggestion is to tie some thin nylon string to the end and hold it up (out of camera range) with a pole. so it looks like it's heading straight out behind me. Will let you know how it goes on Thursday.

Speak to you tomorrow!


suzy said...

Oh I do so miss the look and smell of peonies! In the north I had scads of them....here in the south, they are just a pleasant memory.....

Shelagh said...

Love the image of you and your flowing scarf! When I was in Library School (early 60's) my neighbor had a Karmann Ghia convertible and a large black dog who loved riding in it. I've had a Ghia, but not convertible, and the large black dog, who would never fit in a Ghia unless it was a convertible. So now I should start looking for the convertible! Found one once, here in Michigan, but the owner balked at having a mechanic look at it so we passed on it. We'll have to start looking again! Yea - thank you, Louise for putting the idea back into my head!!

Mason Canyon said...

Congratulations, I see you're up for Best Mystery Novel (The Brutal Truth) in the Macavity Awards. Way to go and best of luck!!

Thoughts in Progress

Cece said...

A high school friend of our daughter's drove a yellow Karmen Ghia convertible named Woodstock-for the little bird friend of Snoopy. He had a little Woodstock doll on the gear shift. The car was a chick magnet.

Candy said...

The photo of you in the car sounds like it will turn out great. Lise is very clever.

I love peonies, but they don't grow here in the desert. Our sunflowers are looking awesome right now, though.

lil Gluckstern said...

I have this image of you, very Agatha Christie with the scarf billowing behind you, maybe with Trudy next to you...Enjoy your flowers, sounds heavenly. and congratulations on yet another nomination, that book was very powerful.

Reen said...

I don't know about the scarf thing. I still have nightmares involving Isadora Duncan if I think of convertible and scarf at the same time! Well, don't take up dancing, and you might be safe.

Beth said...

Last fall I transplanted some peonies from our neighbor's yard to ours--with her permission, of course. They are on the very verge of blooming and I am giddy with anticipation. I check them each morning, thinking every time, "Maybe today is the day!" Not yet. But soon...

Your blog is bringing up so many happy car-related memories recently. Talk of Karmann Ghias reminds me of the 1970's, when my favorite aunt and her husband had matching Ghias. We thought that was so cool. Years later she told me that the best thing about that uncle, long since divorced, had been his car. It was a very cool car.

Diane said...

Your wonderful husband is obviously a word smith - loved his combination - very creative.

Glad the VW doesn't have spoked wheels -- the flowing scarf image invokes shades of Isadora Duncan.

Don't know how you handle such a schedule and write like you do, but very glad you can juggle it so the books keep coming!

Larry Marshall said...

It's good news that Still Life is finally coming out in French. It's about time.

Cheers --- Larry

Marjorie said...

Just to be contrary, I will say that I would have liked to see you (with your blue baby of a car) wearing a tied-dyed shirt, bell bottm jeans, a peace symbol necklace and flowers in your hair. Now that would be a fun retro photo!

--Marjorie from Connecticut

lily carol said...

I'm posting this inspiring link (hope it opens) as it might give you a chuckle and a clue!


--lily carol

Anonymous said...

Beaucoup de felicitations on your Anthony nomination! How wonderful! We are so excited about your new book.. out in September during our yearly visit to Quebec:) A friend had a Karmann Ghia in college & we all called it a "Common Gear"! I love words that almost mean what they spell! Rod & Anne

Louise Penny Author said...

Oh, how I've enjoyed reading your comments as they come in. Thank you for the Karmann Ghia memories!! Very fun and wistful. And peonies. And, of course, the congratulations, which I'm very, very grateful for.

How wonderful you are, to let me get a glimpse into your lives too. Thank you.

frouch said...

I was catching up reading your blog, and I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO thrilled to read that Still Life has been translated! I have a few friends to whom I keep talking about you that can't read english... Guess what gift they will get from me...