Sunday, 7 February 2010

No Pressure, No Problem, No Sun Screen

sunny and hot, temps 90's

Everyone here says, No Pressure, no problem. What a lovely philosophy. And it seems genuine.

had wonderful news from home!!! Our great friends Danny and Lucy, who run Brome Lake books in Knowlton, have been named Bookstore of the Month in Canada. Yay! And so well deserved.

Did Tell you we finally went scuba diving??? I qualified but Michael was hyperventilating. I think Malaika might have walked by. But we went off on the power boat with a bunch of scuba-ers and a bunch of snorklers - and went down. Michael, lovely man, stayed on the boat.

It was sublime - and a little scary. I kept saying to myself...breathe, and don't get cocky. Relax, enjoy, don't eff up.

the colours of the fish were amazing!!!!

Had dinner last night at Barefoot By the Sea - our table was right at the shoreline, with waves lapping a few feet away. under the stars, some tikki torches for light. It was...sublime.

No pressure, no problem.

But yesterday I forgot to put sunscreen on my face! I stayed in the shade all day - but I guess the swimming was enough...and the reflected sun. I now look like someone peeled me. Or I've done some so terribly embarassing I'm blushing. Indeed, I forgot the sunscreen - that's embarrassing. I glow. last night Malaika (our butler..or as Michael says...Mah-lyyyy- ka-ahhh)...said I no longer look like my passport photo and might not be allowed to return to Canada. I also glow in the dark. perhaps it wasn't the Tikki torch lighting our table, but my face.

Honestly, I'm not sure I even look human...but am evolving into a whole new species...very stupid, very lazy and very red.

God - can't imagine how this will look back in Sutton against the snow. My only hope is that it is deradfully cold and people think my face is frozen. Very cold and very hot look the same.

Off to watch the Super Bowl tonight. Our last night. Can't quite believe it.

What fun we've had!


Mercedes said...

Louise - Isn't scuba diving grand? Every motion, every breath, is counter-intuitive. Before you head off to the airport could you please enquire at the front desk about the St. Lucia parrots (les jacquots)? Maybe Malaika has heard of them. With respect to your blush and flush complexion from the sun's reflection, pat -- don't smear -- buckets of unscented, non-perfumed, cold cream on your face. You will wake up with a beautiful tan. Go, Saints, go!-- Mercedes

lil Gluckstern said...

Ouch, sounds like a painful face wash. What a great trip we've had!!! Scuba-ing sounds heavenly when you describe it.
Mercedes, I am happy for you, and me and New Qrleans!

wormauld said...

Oh Louise, No suntan cream !!have you access to aloe vera cream because that really works. So glad you and michael are having fun. Will write when you're home. Hugs Daphne

J F said...

Inside dope from one of the fair-skinned ones who's learned his lesson the hard and painful way. The miracle relief "drug" (and all natural to boot!) for soothing all sorts of skin irritations is KuKui oil. Better than aloe vera. Problem: It is very hard to come by since it's made from a nut that only grows in Hawaii. We found a woman Iowa who sells a homemade concoction. As an avid outdoorsman who camps all over the world, I swear by it. It not only soothes burns, it helps heal flaking skin and --most remarkably-- ALL TYPES of bug bites. Now off to Google or Bing you go in search of your closest supplier. (Loved reading of your Caribbean adventures! )

Marjorie said...

You all might enjoy reading this interview (cut and past) with Louise:

--Marjorie from Connecticut

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

back now and can do more than simply read your comments - I can respond! Thank you for the cream suggestions. It really was extremely embarrassing. A newcomers mistake...and me an old islander of 2 whole weeks.

I put aloe vera on it and all seemed well but like the nut suggestion too.

About the parrot - I asked a lot of's the national symbol of St. Lucia and while endangered is now making a comeback. Lives in the rainforest and almost never seen. But I bought a set of playing cards with it's image and will give it away with the next newsletter.

Thank you so much for coming along...