Friday, 26 February 2010

T'was a dark and...

mainly sunny, mild, temps plus 4

Unbelievably mild day - most of that snow we had - about 2 feet - melted. Very sorry to see it go. But we still have lots. And I see the east coast is getting hammered. Again. Very odd weather patterns when New York has a harsher winter than the Quebec hinterland.

Did you see the gold medal women's hockey??? What a great game - at least sitting where I am! It's just possible american fans might feel different. To be honest, not being into hockey, we weren't all that pleased when it seemed a choice between that or Norway vs finland in cross country skiing. So we begrudgingly settled in to watch the hockey. And within 2 minutes we were hooked - yelling at the screen (they won because of us, you know. Same thing applied to airplanes...they only stay up because I will them to...and you thought it was science). We got very, very excited.

And then Canada won. Fun.

Did you see the figure skating? Now, I have to admit, as exciting as the hockey turned out to be, my heart all day was yearning for the long programme in skating. To see that South Korean woman again. And Flatt and the other American - so graceful and so young. And, of course, Joannie. Wow.

Gorgeous. All of them.

It's been a busy but fun day. Breakfast in Cowansville - then a meeting at the Sutton school about their Reading initiative they've asked me to be part of. Met with 3 school people to discuss it. We decided I'd go for lunch on March 18th, then speak to the students. Mostly about the struggles I had. One of the teachers also suggested I talk about starting a book...apparently the kids struggle with that. How a story should begin. i think that's a great idea. Indeed, I asked if - to make it interactive - the kids could be asked to write first lines.

Oddly, just that morning tying up my boots to go out to breakfast I suddenly knew how Book 7 should begin. poor Michael and trudy were already in the car and I took off into the living room to write my thoughts down in the notebook.

Cannot begin to tell you what a relief this is! I'd been growing more and more anxious. I know the story of book 7. I even knew - in broad strokes - what I wanted to have happen in the first chapter...but not the first line. Not the introductory scene.

Now I know.

Makes Monday seem a lot less frightening.

then, over breakfast, I had more ideas and needed to interrupt Michael to jot them down. poor one. but he's been through this before. Each book really is different, though. Each has it's own unexpected rough patches and challenges - and even writing tempo.

Must head off...our friends who are staying at the guest cottage for the next two weeks have just arrived. Bal, Linda and Bethany Mount. They're coming over for dinner. Linda - who has eaten here many times - decided to make the main dish. Smart woman. Lucky us.

tomorrow morning I'm breakfasting with Cheryl, then Michael and I are having lunch with David and Lili in Sutton...and seeing jacques and Louise later in the day. Trying to get all the socializing in before starting the book.

Speak to you tomorrow.


Sue Mom of Two said...

So EXCITING! The new book, I mean. I already can't wait to read it.

Marjorie said...

"Trying to get all the socializing in before starting the book."

Oh, but,Louise, you clearly already have started it! It's just a good thing that Michael is used to your methods and your notebook moments! Exciting.

--Marjorie from Connecticut

Dana said...

Yeah, Louise. A gold medal day for you!


Susan D said...

Alas, I had to miss the hockey game, but last night I was enthralled -- yes, enthralled! -- by the curling final.

I can't believe it. I don't think I've ever watched curling before, and the strategy of it all kept me gnawing on my knuckles to the bitter end.

And then the heartbreak of it all, when our women had to settle for silver, with Sweden getting the gold.

(And my partner admits he has a big crush on Cheryl Bernard.)

Barb said...

That's great about the first line, and the other creative bursts. :D Of course, I'm saying that a little selfishly, since that means good reading ahead for me. LOL As if there was ever a chance there wouldn't be good reading in one of your books.

Funny how the muse choses to appear. When I'd be taking creative writing classes, it never failed but that I'd be struck with inspiration while in the shower. No idea why.

Shelagh said...

Great news about the first line for Book 7!

Had to laugh at you saying Linda was a smart woman for making the meal at your house (do not believe you are not a good cook, though). I gave my daughter a plaque for her kitchen which reads "Many people have eaten in my kitchen and gone on to lead normal lives." Fortunately, she, too, has a great sense of humor!

Enjoy the rest of your day. Lots of snow here in Michigan, too, but also sunshine - great!!

Hugs, Shelagh

lil Gluckstern said...

The Olympics haven't disappointed, and the Canadians are my default team of choice, and they are so-o-o exciting. Today should be fun-US and Canada and Hockey. What's funny is that half of the Canadians are on our local team.
I'm already excited about your seventh, and I don't have "Bury Your Dead" in my hands yet. I do so enjoy hearing about your creative process-even if it interrupts your meals.

Candy said...

You're going to have so much fun talking to those students. What a great idea for them to write first lines! They're going to really enjoy meeting you.

After I finished your first book, my husband and I went right back to the bookstore to buy another one. I loved both of them and now have 3 more on order from Barnes and Noble. I'm thrilled to hear that number 7 is in the works.

Shelagh, the plaque you gave your daughter is hilarious.

Shelagh said...

Thank you, Candy. I embarrassed myself in the store laughing so hard!

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

I also love that plaque saying, Shelagh!

And yes, isn't curling riveting? Everyone thinks I'm kidding (or demented) when I say that, but I mean it. I suppose it's a bit like cricket to people who don't understand the me.

thank you, all, for being so supportive of my beginning the next book. As those of you who followed the blog last year while I was writing Bury Your Dead know - it's quite a roller-coaster. Thank god for pastries and gummy bears.