Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Huge, light, fluffy flakes of snow drifting down, temps minus 4

Gorgeous, perfect Quebec winter day. Not too cold, not too windy. The Middle Bear -very Canadian. Not too too anything. But very lovely.

Such fun watching the Olympics. I realize I don't really root for a country - though I naturally lean toward Canadians. But in the long track skating last night - 5,000 metres - I was dying with anxiety for the Dutch skater. Can't remember is name. Apparently the whole Netherlands stopped to watch him - all hopes and dreams riding on his slender shoulder and quite formidible thighs. I realize I have skaters thighs. And proud of 'em.

but back to Sven (yes, I think that was his first name)...young guy - first olympics. In the netherlands the power company even said it would take money off everyone's bills for every gold this young guy won! Imagine.

I'd never heard of him before, and suddenly he NEEDED to win. I was practically curled into a ball, waiting to see how the others would do...

Such fun when the broadcsters give the individual stories, so that I care about the athletes as individuals.

Canada still has not won a gold. Our female mogulist (ette) won silver behind and between two terrific american performances.

Organizers doing an amazing, titan, job keeping the hills in shape given the epic rainfall they've had. but things should clear up.

Michael and I are having a quiet day in front of the fireplace. I'm going through Air Canada Vacations book dreaming of another trip. Great escapism. The truth is, I'm terribly comfortable here.

Today I've agreed - happily - to sponsor a table at malice domestic in Washington in May, and make a donation for the auction. Have also agreed to an interview with John Barber of the Globe and Mail Tuesday morning. And tried to arrange to meet a young woman - 14 - who lives locally and is a fanatical reader and writer. Wanted to get together for a 'girls only' afternoon tea at a nearby auberge, but we can't seem to co-ordinate her schedule and mine. I'm sure we will eventually.

Speaking of young writers, I did a fun Skype chat with students at Alexander Galt High in nearby Lennoxville. Their teacher, Stephanie Brown is amazing, and really encourages these exceptional students. Indeed, she's put my books on her curriculum, which is very creative and daring of her.

One of the students I spoke with is named Melissa - and she's a poet. Well, Stephanie just emailed the poem Melissa read for me at our chat. I was deeply impressed then, and now, and wanted you to read it. It was inspired by a character, Bean, in A RULE AGAINST MURDER/THE MURDER STONE. - and below it Melissa wrote what specifically inspired her to write this poem,

Bean and the Obituaries:

I sit in silence
Listening to the rhythm

Of 20 ticks in one tock
In simultaneous motion

I sit and think
Of how many humans who die
Every second tock
And every fourth tick

I lie down and feel
My heart speak in motion

To the beacons of time
I illuminate in my room

They know when the
Conversation between
My heart and them will end

I do not
I read the listings
Of people’s who have

I wrote this one on inspiration of all the clocks that Bean has in his/her room. I figured, clocks tick and hearts beat, and it could end up being a sort of conversation. The somewhat annoying but so desperately needed repetition in our daily lives. I thought about how I could relate the obituaries to the ticks and tocks of a clock, (which, was amazingly realistic seeing how all young children are fascinated or terrified by death.) and I got the impression that since they were having a conversation, and if one stopped talking, the conversation would end. As for the beacons being illuminated, they stand for what stands out to Bean. I hope you enjoyed it ☺

That was by Melissa Major. Brava.

Happy Valentine's Day! Be well.


Cece said...

Bravo Bilodeau! The coverage of his meeting with his brother after the event made me misty-eyed. What a wonderful side story to Canada's first home gold.
The combined ski-jump and cross-country was amazing as well, and the short pairs progrmas. Just a day of gasps and chills.
(I was cheering for Sven too!)

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful poem! How very nice to share it with the world! This young lady has talent and I'm glad to see it recognized. Thank you.
- Daisy in AZ, no snow today, sunny and 75 degrees - again

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Cece,

Thanks for your delight!! We were on the edges of our seats - then we'd fling ourselves back and cover our eyes. worse than a scary movie! Don't know how their families survive.

Adoring the Olympics. And that young american who won the first medal in the combined for the US in 82 years - now there was happiness! what a sport, though.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Daisy,

How supportive you are! Melissa knows I put it on my blog and I imagine her reading your comment and feeling wonderful, as she should.