Monday, 15 February 2010


overcast, mild, temps at freezing

Wow - we watched (curled into little balls) the men's mogul finals last night...and saw Alexandre Bilodeau win GOLD! You'd have to have a heart like a stone, or be related to any of the other competitors, not to be happy for the young man. It was the first time in the Olympics I was moved to tears. Not the moment it was clear he won, but to see his tears, when he stood on the podium. But I often get chocked up at that moment, no matter who is there. If they cry, I cry. Such joy and wonder and amazement and awe. So much work.

But I have to admit, there was definitely that added joy that he's a Canadian - and even a Quebecois...and he's so proud to be Canadian - not always a given in a Quebecois.

We're about to watch more Olympics. Thank God I'm not trying to write the next book yet! Just thinking about it. Poor Michael gets it every morning - the discussion of my thoughts on the next book. Title ideas, themes, poetry. It is wonderful to speak with him about it. He actually listens and helps a huge amount. He has a very cunning mind!

Having a lovely relaxing time. Off for breakfast tomorrow in Cowansville and a few errands. Great time in my year...quiet.

Hope you're well and enjoying yourselves. Speak to you tomorrow!


Dana said...

I loved Alex's comments after his win. He thanked everyone for their support - family, brother, friends, teammates, fans, all Canadians, and said he was surrounded by support. He even mentioned financial! I hope the politicians in Canada were listening. One thank you from a gold medalist could go far to ensure future funding. Thank you "Own the Podium" for funding our athletes and helping them reach their goals.

lil Gluckstern said...

I am so happy for you and for Canada. Watched a little of women's hockey, and am enjoying Canada's team doing so well. Now what happens when they play The USA. Will be tense, and fun!

Susan D said...

Yay indeed.

Last night I chose to risk being late for choir practice so I could watch the finals of the women's snowboarding.

It was a wonderful spectacle. And gold again.

(And I went out and bought Olympic mittens at Zellers.)

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

you are all so supportive - thank you!! As Danny (of Brome Lake Books says) - I have the best readers! And I do.

As a matter of fact, Michael and I ordered Olympic mittens too and plan to give away one adult and one youth pair on the next newsletter...March.

And bought some for ourselves. they're GREAT.

bgpringle said...

Where does one order the mittens? I know they can't be shipped to the States, but could have them sent to Hatley.
We've been watching the Olympics from the Florida Keys with friends from Belleville, Ont, Lois & Bob Vaughan, whom you met at Bal & Linda's last summer at your guest cottage. We're rooting for all the Canadians.
Take care,

Susan D said...

I don't know about ordering them, Bev, but if you have some friends, relatives, etc, in Canada, send them to Zeller's or The Bay. They had bins full of them when I was there on Tuesday. ($10)