Friday, 12 February 2010

Olympics - Lucy and Janet

overcast, cool. windy, temps minus 5

Michael and I went out for breakfast - to Knowlton. To one of our favorite restaurants in the area...Cafe Floral. And heard the fabulous news that one of the owners, Janet, had been named a Woman of the Year in our area! And...wait for it....another one who'll be honoured as Woman of the Year on International Women's Day in march is...Lucy!!! From Brome Lake Books. Lucy McAuley. Some of you might have been in touch with her when ordering the Vive Gamache mugs - so you know how great Lucy and Danny are.

We are so proud of both of them...imagine we know two of the women honoured! This also hard on the heels of Brome Lake Books being named the Bookstore of the Month in Canada!!! they're on a roll - and deserve to be.

Congratulations to Janet and Lucy.

Am watching the torch relay through Vancouver. Lovely. But terrible news about the fatal luge accident. I was extremely surprised that CTV, the official Canadian host of the Olympics, showed the accident. It was clear to Michael and me, and I suspect anyone watching that we'd just witnessed a fatal accident. No one could survive that. Then they replayed it.

Even CNN, reporting just now, chose not to show the video it was too horrific. They might change their minds - but I think that's the right decision.

My Assistant Lise came by today for a meeting here at World Headquarters. She's working on designing and ordering Three Pines book plates, and those special perpetual calendars that are for birthdays and special anniversaries...that are not year specific, but remind you year after year that your anniversary is Feb 12th.

Oh oh.

Lise is putting all that together, so basically she comes by, tells us all the things she's done while we roasted on the beach, we hug and kiss her and say, "Yes, Lise - please never leave us."

Will be watching the Olympic opening ceremonies tonight.


Anonymous said...

Waiting anxiously for the Olympics to start! Love all the pictures of Canada - reminds me of Three Pines!

Glad you and Michael had a great vacation - I laughed out loud about your sunburn! Hope it has faded now that you are back home!

Waiting for the next book -- I'm sort of hoping it involves Myra a little more - I really love her!

Looking forward to watching the Olympics - will be cheering for our Canadian friends as well as the good 'ole USA!


your friend from Houston

bgpringle said...

Am watching the Opening Ceremonies and the Canadian team has just come in the stadium - always brings a tear to my eye. Now the cultural portion of the evening. Loved seeing the maple leaf lit up on the ski slope earlier.
Look forward to getting one of the perpetual calendars - very handy an hopefully this summer I can get 1 or 2 Gamache mugs.
Thanks Louise for sharing St Lucia with us - we just got 5" of snow last night in Mississippi - so wish we could be further south.
Take care,

lil Gluckstern said...

Happy anniversary?!? I guess I was wrong about the televising of the Olympics. Our prime time is later than East coast, so we are on a time delay, and I'm sitting down to watch now. I am always impressed by the risks these athletes take, and how sad when someone is so badly hurt, or dies, as happened today. I think it takes a special person to compete at the level these folks do, and I look forward to rooting for the USA and Canada. Are you truly selling an eternal calendar? Will we hear about it? Must go watch the Canadian travelogue. So nice to share this with everyone.

Bev Stephans said...

Dear Louise,

Since it's my heritage, I will be rooting equally for Canada and the U.S.A. It's so nice to have the Olympics in Vancouver. Have they been there before?

The people at Brome Lake Books certainly have something to cheer about. I can understand as they treated me so well when I ordered the Gamache mugs.

Stay warm and dry.

Bev Stephans

Cece said...

Thought of you and Michael a few times last evening while watching the Opening Ceremonies, but most especially during the Poet (found on YouTube!!) I thought that was marvelous. Also loved the opening shot of the snowboarder. How heart-rending beautiful was that? Also, We found the handling of the tragedy both respectful and moving. We always cheer for our own USA and our BFF Canada, now we will be cheering for those Georgian athletes who have to live not only their own dreams, but his.
Although I do have to say that a couple of the song choices left us a tad puzzled, overall we thought all involved did a fabulous job and presented Canada to the world in an intimate, personal way.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

what fun to hear from you and your excitement over the Olympics...and your rooting for your own athletes as well as Canadian. I was amazed to hear that we had never won a gold medal at a winter olympics we'd hosted. Perhaps even summer, for that matter.

Granted, we have not hosted all that many. Montreal summer olympics in 1976 - in which our mayor at the time, Jean Drapeau, famously proclaimed before the games that the Olympics could no more lose money than a man could get pregnant. Well, thirty years later and Montreal is still paying off its olympic debt. Poor Drapeau is always remember for the subsequent political cartoons showing him heavy with child. And we host the Calgary winter olympics in 1988.

And now vancouver - which given the torrential rains yesterday and today could just as easily be the summer olympics. As you've pointed out, it is ironic and disconcerting that Atlanta has more snow than Vancouver.