Sunday, 28 February 2010


overcast, some light snow, mild - temps plus 2

Nice day - snow still melting but we had a little more fall last night.

Zipped off to Knowlton this morning to drop the record off at CIDI community radio station. Not sure when they'll be finished transferring it. Now having a quiet afternoon. Watching Entourage. It sort of feels like the last day of summer vacation before school begins!

We invited Bal, Linda and Bethany over to watch the hockey finals this afternoon. Starts at 3pm our time. they'll bring the snack and we provide the drinks and TV. Bal seems to have fallen in love with the high definition.

We're very nervous about the game. I can guarantee the roads of Canada will be almost silent and empty at 3pm our time (noon in Vancouver). Placards were being set out in front of cafes and bars yesterday announcing that they were having a party to watch the Olympic finals.

But - before we get there - did you see the curling. Wow. Loved it.

Now heading up for a bath and a relax... happily having the Mounts is like having family - I plan to stay in my sweats.

In terms of the book, I start tomorrow morning...but my big question now is, do I write it on the new MacBook or go back to my ancient, beloved PC? I'm not sure. I'll tell you tomorrow what I decide. Apparently what I write it on isn't crucial - at least, my agent says the publishers will not accept that as an excuse if the book is bad.


Speak to you tomorrow. Enjoy the day!


whalewatcher said...

Hi Louise,
I admire the way you give yourself a break and then a firm start date for the next book. I would think that would help you become mentally and emotionally prepared. I am encouraged that I'm on a good thing by your idea notebook for writing because I do that w/my class of second graders....although we use more pictures than words ; ) ; ) it seems to help them begin their stories.
As to the publishers being disappointed or you writing a bad book I'm afraid I just can't believe that is possible. No pressure meant, just a loyalty to what I've seen evidenced in your first 5 books.
The skill with which you weave your plot and characters etc. has made many of us want to retire to Three Pines w/a cuppa and a croissant. : )

Marjorie said...

You must use the new MacBook. I know it's hard to break with tradition, but some authors back in the day had to go from a quill pen to a fountain pen, right? I say it's time to embrace the latest technology. After all, you paid a lot of money for it! As long as you make a back up of your work, there is nothing to fear.

As Joan of Arc says in Shaw's play, "Be brave, go on."

--Marjorie from Connecticut (a happy Imac user for only two months now!)

Pierre said...

What do you wish an author that is about to start a new book? Whatever is appropriate I wish for you. And I will be waiting impatiently for the result (no pressure intended).
Good writing!

Shelagh said...

Oh Canada - Team Canada - oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!! What a game.

Here in Michigan I'm supposed to route for Team USA but Stevie Yzerman (former Detroit Red Wings Captain) was part of Team Canada, and I so wanted them to win on their home turf. Yeah Canada!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can hear your yells here in Michigan, too.

Hope you enjoyed the game as much as we did here (admittedly my husband was routing for USA. Oh well)!

Hugs, Shelagh

Marjorie said...

That's funny, Shelagh. I could hear the happy and excited screaming from the Whitehead/Penny household all the way here in Connecticut!

I am really happy for all Canadians and their hockey gold. It couldn't have been a more exciting game.

And we'll get you next time! (And silver is nothing to be ashamed about.)


Mercedes said...

Louise --

Re: Tomorrow's computer dilemma.

I have an idea.

Why not spend the first few days on your ancient, beloved PC and then, once you've got the wind in your sails, once your creative juices are flowing, transfer the material, or, rather, have a techie transfer the material, from your PC to your Mac. Then take off with your story on the Mac from there.

Just get started -- and don't let unfamiliarity with a new computer drag you down, nor impede your speed.

I am a huge Mac fan. Have been for fifteen years. Before that I was a fan of IBM's Selectric typewriter. What enabled me to make the switch is that I did it gradually and that I was gentle and patient with myself during the transition. I've never looked back.

Whatever you decide to do, how ever you decide to approach Monday morning, just know that all of your fans are right behind you!


lil Gluckstern said...

Hurray for Canada. I'm so happy for you, and thethe Canadians, although I must admit the end of the game had me vibrating. So fast, and "sudden." Watching a little of the cross country, I was struck once more how beautiful Vancouver is, and so much of the of your country. It's almost like taking a vacation. Use the computer that makes you happy. Somehow, I don't thinks a bad book is in your future. Not based on your history...

thomas reiser said...

I would go with the Mac as it is more stable.

Jodi said...

The Mac. It is more stable (I say this after 41 years (!) of computer experience).

I do admire the way you set yourself a break and a start date.

When does #6 come out?

If only you could write them as fast as I can read them.

I was disappointed that the US lost, but confused by the fact that we got the bronze. Shouldn't it be silver?

Ruthie said...

I'm new here, but go with the Mac. Had mine for 2 years and love it, but my husband refuses to make the switch from his PC.

Anne Bursey and Oscar said...

Louise! welcome back from heaven on the beach to the top of the world in the Eastern Townships! can't wait to get my hands on a copy of your latest and greatest - BURY YOUR DEAD!. Congrats on it's upcoming launch! I am reading "Champlain's Dream" by David Hacket Fischer. You might know it.. I hope we get the chance to recount his life one of these days.. I am going to put my name in for a pair of mitts! Happy writing to you! Ciao for now! Anne

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

Such great comments! I do love reading them...funny, warm, thoughtful - helpful! Yay!! We won! What a game. Honestly, I often find that while I root for Canada I don't actually care - sort of amazed by the ability of all the athletes. But this time I found myself caring! However, the US team sure deserved to win too.

I was also confused by the medal ceremony. They won silver, but the Finns, who won bronze, weren't there for some reason. Perhaps someone reading knows the story.

And i went with the PC - but i agree with you that the Mac is much more stable. Do you remember last year the PC had a few upsetting freezes. So I think I might take the advice of starting with the PC but moving over to the Mac at some early stage. Life would certainly be easier. Right now I have both open on the blanket box that is my living room desk.

And Anne - we met Professor Fischer in Quebec City while researching the book. It was very helpful, as was he. Terrific book!

Shelagh said...

Can't believe I said "I'm supposed to be routing..." when I should have said "rooting for". Put it down to excitement!

Hugs, Shelagh