Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Ice Dancing

overcast, wet flurries, temps 0

Did you see the ice dancing last night at the Olympics??? Amazing, beautiful, performances. I adore the American pair who've been skating since they were kids...love the old video of them skating together. But what joy to see Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue dance. And win.

It was transcendent. And they were so happy. Joyous. And, to add to the delight, as Hope Dellon my US editor said - Tessa Virtue is not only a brilliant athletes and gorgeous...she has the BEST name ever. I think I might have to start using it. Tessa Virtue...

Watched a wonderful film last night too - before the ice dancing...a small, hilarious british film called In The Loop - political satire. Great.

Finished the copy edits yesterday as you know - but today's struggle was to ship them back. called UPS - who refused to picked them up today even though Michael called at 10:30 in the morning. We needed to pay an extra 2 dollars, which we were willing to do...but wait, no, we couldn't pay it, the US publishers had to pay it - but wait - their account wasn't set up for this admittedly new UPS rule. So they'd pick it up from us tomorrow but, no, they couldn't tell us when in a 12 hour period they might arrive.

UPS. I wonder if they know they have competition? From FedEx, from the post office, from emails... I wonder if they've heard of the economic downturn - where it might be a good idea to ramp-up customer service. Ugh.

I wrote to my magnificent US publishers - Laura at St. martin's Minotaur and ran through the situation. She got back within minutes saying she'll clear it up. And she did.

But this was more than an hour of productive time take. ugh.

But they came, whisked it away - took them about 30 seconds at the door, if that.

Had a fun day today...porridge at Nicks with Michael. Then grabbed a cab through the snow and slush to an annual medical...routine. then walked home, and while Michael had lunch with a very good friend - David Rosenblatt - I answered emails, did some writing and marvelled at Marjorie from Connecticut (her new legal name...or MFC for short) - the Queen of Facebook. This woman is unbelieveable. Added almost 100 people to my Facebook account today. When she get's me to 1,000 she will ascend to Empress of Facebook. At 10,000 she becomes the Archangel Marjorie (from Connecticut - to distinguish her from Archangel Marjorie from Manitoba) and at a million she is a Goddess.

We should all root for Marjorie becoming a Facebook Goddess.

At 4pm I had a meeting over the phone with Torin, of ProLiteracy about adult literacy and different strategies to raise awareness. And tonight at 8 I have a Skype chat with members of the book club at the Independent bookstore, Mysteries and More, in Nashville, Tennessee. I love skype - makes a visit to places I can't actually get to right now easy and fun.

Greg, his wife Mary and I did a test about a week ago and managed to connect but we're on satellite at home and the connection is a little weak so the signal jumped and both the video and audio was distorted at times. We needed to come in to Montreal for doc appointments anyway so we decided to stay in the apartment for the night since we have highspeed here.

Looking forward to the discussion.

I must say, I had a fun day too relaxing on the bed, watching trashy video's (none as fab as In the Loop from last night) and eating pastries. Ahh, the life of a struggling writing. My big struggle is getting up.

Be well - I'll talk with you tomorrow.


Deryn said...

I'm very happy to see you on Facebook, and was marvelling today at how quickly you are making connections. "How will she have time to write?"
Now I know the answer - MFC!
Nonetheless, it is nice to feel connected to the story of your day to day life. I especially love when you go to Montreal, my favourite city and one I miss very much.
All the best,
(and thanks, Marjorie!)

Dana said...

I love Facebook and thank you MFC! The things I have learned - none of my grandchildren can spell. One even misspells her own name. That same one has claimed to be 18 years old (she is 11), put her phone number in a text message, and claimed to be "in a relationship". A good part of my day is spent monitoring her and calling her to set her on the straight and narrow. Do love the instant pictures and wish it had been around when my own children were young and my mother was a thousand miles away.

lil Gluckstern said...

Yay Canada! I'm rooting for the USA, but every time I catch Canada winning something, I get so happy for you--and the other Canadians. Yes, and thank you as well, MFC. I envy techno mavens. I'm still-at this late date-intimidated. Sounds like a lovely time in Montreal. UPS-not so much!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh....I was in tears while watching Joanie Rochette skate her heart out only two days after losing her mother. My heart breaks for this young woman - but what pure courage she showed last night -- all of America was in awe of her, to find the strength to go on last night - I'm sure she felt her Mom skating right there with her. She had a brilliant performance which honored her mother's memory is such a beautiful fashion -- hats off to this beautiful Canadian, who has shown more courage than anyone I've seen. May God give you comfort during this very difficult time. America grieves with you, and salutes you!

your friend in Houston

Susan D said...

Indeed, I had tears in my eyes watching Joannie skate last night.

Meanwhile, Louise, what busy busy days you have. I must look up In The Loop. (and speaking of small hilarious British films, have you ever seen The Naked Truth?)

By the way, what were those trashy videos?

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

It is great to be home, safe and sound. Nothing in the world like seeing a blizzard howl outside and sitting in front of our hearth with a cafe au lait. Bliss.

but there are few things, in my life anyway, more horrifying than finding yourself on a dark highway in the middle of a blizzard - the snow so furious it blinds you. Can't see the road anymore. Not sure if a huge truck is bearing down on you. Terrifying.

Location. location, location. Life really does depend on perception and where you sit.

No, I haven't seen The Naked Truth...but will Zip it. Thanks. And the 'trash' DVD's were Law Abiding Citizen (pretty silly and violent - but Gerard Butler got naked, so that was the artistic component). And another whose name I have actually forgotten.

Clara Hughes just won bronze!!! She's a Sutton woman - there was a big party in the village this afternoon at the bar...watching her event on the big screen.