Thursday, 18 February 2010

All Fall Down

Very light flurries, mild, temp minus 3

All the trees looks like they've been sprinkled with confectioners sugar. Very soft, light snow.

I'm so glad my talk of music resonated with quite a few of you. I realize how visceral it is for me. When a piece gets me it lodges in my chest - but does something else too. it seems to open a channel. and clearly the same is true for many of you.

What fun the Olympic Halfpipe (we kept calling it the halfpike) was last night. My God, there's a reason Shaun White is famous. Like Apolo Ono. they manage to be both chamismatic, social, and peak athletes. Amazing. Dazzling.

Michael said he thinks the halfpipe might be his favorite olympic sport...eclipsing even curling. (Did you get a load of the Norwegian men's curling slacks? I think they're hilarious - but more importantly, did you get a load of their skip??? Dear Lord, talk about getting rocks off... He's my malaika.)

We also watched with great delight and horror the women's downhill. How do they get up after falls like that? speaking of which, I love the Nike add - and the music. Everyone falls down...

I'm glad to see some of the flaws in the organizing etc are being taken care of. It does seem a funny sort of games with all sorts of things going wrong, from the weather, clearly uncontrollable, to having cordoned off the Olympic flame so that people can't get close or even take pictures. Happily, the VANOC is correcting these thing and have made it easier to take photos... and they're responding to other the machine to do the ice at the speed skating oval. Apparently the Vancouver Olympic committee wanted this to be as 'green' a games as possible, so they made some decisions that might not have been wise. Like using a machine that wasn't as effective as a Zamboni. Perhaps better for the environment, but not for the games.

But, as Rick hansen said, the Olympics are not about perfection, but doing your best. And learning.

And about the red mitts - yes, they seem to be sold out at the Olympic website and the bay and zellers websites - but I understand if you go to The Bay or Zellers you might still find some. Buy lots. The proceeds go to the athletes to support their training.

Good luck! I didn't realize they can't be shipped to the US. that's odd. And a shame. I don't understand, but then I haven't been following this.

Having dinner tonight with Kirk and Walter and Jane and Jack....thursday night steak/frites special in Knowlton. Yum.


Marjorie said...

Halfpike: the turnpike at half speed driving during my rush hour commute every day.

--M. from CT.

Mason Canyon said...

Just wanted to say congratulations on the Agatha nominee for Best Novel for "A Brutal Telling."

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear marjorie,

Ha - that must be what I was thinking of. Let's hope you don't get up to any of those aerial tricks on your commute.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Mason,

Thank you!!! I'm so excited and happy...I believe if I was a 20 year old halfpiper I'd be stoked. But instead I'm a 50 year old novelist so I'm ecstatic. Yipppee. And great books also nominated in the category. Lots of wonderful writers. Always feels better to be in great company - don't feel so bad if someone else wins!

So nice of you to write and comment on the Agatha nom, Mason.