Friday, 5 February 2010

Having More Fun!

sunny, sizzling hot, temps into the 90's

We're having a blast! Desperately, wonderfully, blissfully hot today. Burned the bottom of our feet walking on the sand. Not badly, of course...but we're aware of our soles now.

Before breakfast we dropped by our beach chairs, to drop off our books, only to discover - someone had taken our chairs! Now, back in Canada people get into fights over parking spots, cheating spouces, crack cocaine.

Here it's beach chairs.

The code - we learned early - is if a chair has a beach towel on it, it is taken. If it has a book, it is seriously taken probably by someone close by. Now one of the major advantages to having a butler - 'our butler' - is that they reserve a priome lounge chair on the beach early in the morning. Before we've stirred.

In a blink we have become the entitled. The priviledged. Yes - THOSE snots who reserve beach chairs at 7am and don't sit in them until 10:30.

We have become people we would hate under any other circumstances...except being them. You see - situational ethics.

But instead of being annoyed we...called our butler. We figured maybe our butler could fight their butler. but instead, the wonderful Sabie simply found us other chairs.

it's funny - and we really do laugh about it - but seriously, beach chair theft is a high crime here. Fortunately there are more than enough chairs to go around.

Had fun in the hot tub the other evening asking Michael how to spell scrotum. Wasn't sure I'd spelled it correctly in the last blog, since it isn't a word I often use. He paused then asked in a small, but stern, voice...'Now, why do you want to spell scrotum?'

"I used it in the blog.'

there was a longer pause.


I relented after an excrutiating moment when all sorts of possibilities whizzed through his mind - and explained it was a quote. He seemed relieved.

We are definitely having a great time...and doing what I promised myself to start doing...have more fun.

This qualifies.

the wonderful Richard - King of all butlers - came by our room today to make sure everything was fine. He almost caught us taking an outdoor shower.

How do you spell...

Never mind.

Speak to you soon...we leave Monday...but lots of fun to have before then.


Shelagh said...

Your happiness shows clearly through your blog. What a wonderful time for both of you; so glad the weather is warm now.

Cold here in Michigan, but we seem to have escaped the terrible storm that has hit the eastern U.S.

Enjoy your next few days in the sun.

Hugs, Shelagh

lil Gluckstern said...

What wonderful weather for your second week. Of course, you have souls-ouch-how else could you be so neat. Somehow, I don't think either of you are ever bored with the other. A friend of mine once said that good long term relationships last because there is always the possibility of surprise. I think you two have that in spades.

Louanne said...

I just found your blog and decided to tell you how I found your book. We were in a rented condo for a New Years wedding and someone had left a copy of "The Cruelest Month" on the table and when I finished the book I had brought on the trip I picked it up and was HOOKED. I love a good mystery.
When we arrived home I grabbed "Still Life" and "Fatal Grace" and loved them also.

I will be getting the other books soon. Just wanted to tell you that I love how you write the characters and bring such life to the pages. And how you describe the cold just kills me since I am way down in Texas.

EC Sheedy said...

My husband and I just got home after a holiday in California. It was great. But what was really great was listening to the audio of THE BRUTAL TELLING on the long drive back to BC. We were completely immersed in the world of Three Pines and the courtly investigating of Chief Inspector Gamache. It all made for a smooth and interesting ride home. A terrific tale. Thank you!

Bruce said...

Methinks you are having too good a time you two.

Time to come home now. Just pack up and get outta there.

Barb said...

LOL, Louise, I told Tom about this latest "scrotum" stuff and he said to tell Michael that he can very much identify with M's feelings during that long pause... :x

That beach chair stuff is the same way in Aruba. Our daughter had told us about having to get to the beach early to reserve chairs, and how to do it. Since Tom and I are such early risers, Tom became the chair sheriff during our stay. He never had any problems except once, when he'd reserved chairs for all of us, and SOME of us were taking a long time getting to the chairs. Sigh... so I'll tell Tom that he was really a butler.


Lorraine said...

I'm envious...what a wonderful holiday!
While cross-country skiing yesterday the conversation turned to books, and I was telling my companions how much I've been enjoying your series. Surprised to learn that my husband's friend is an old acquaintance of yours. You helped Don Plant get his first job in broadcasting. He remembered and shared some stories from those days, including (your pronunciation guide made me giggle) your French pronunciation of 'futon'.
I left a copy of 'Still Life' in a lovely condo in Sayulita, a small surfing town north of Puerto Vallarta. I wonder who'll pick it up to read next?

Danny McAuley said...

So happy that your having a wonderful time but just to let you know its -15 c here at home so you might want to consider staying for another week.
I have a message for you. I received a call at the store from Margaret Bolduc who is 91, lives in Granby and she is a publish author. She has read all of your books and is a big fan. She particularly admires your plots. She wanted me to pass this along and said that she can't wait for the next book and she wants to remind you that she isn't getting any younger!
All the best,

Lee Ann said...

All right, we got approximately 30 inches of snow in the last 24 hours (I live in the mid-Atlantic region). I want one of those beach chairs, and I want it NOW. Ahem.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

Sorry for not being able to get back to you before now - i read the comments but could not respond...thank you SO much for your company. And for not stealing the beach chairs. Honestly, it's australian rules on the beach. Sauve qui peut.

Danny - we'll drop by tomorrow to celebrate your Brome Lake Books being named the Bookstore of the Month!!!! And thank you for telling me about Margaret.

Lee Ann - more snow today for you! (wed). I love a blizzard but I know it isn't fun when you aren't used to it...and enough is enough already.

And I love that people leave my books - indeed any books - at rented condos! Or anywhere. Such fun - a sort of crap shoot to see who might be destined to pick them up. We love scanning the shelves of homes where we rent - and if we're there long enough, read an author we might be unfamiliar with.