Saturday, 1 November 2008

Fabulous Reviews!

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Great news! book 4 (A RULE AGAINST MURDER in the US and THE MURDER STONE in Commonwealth) has just received a prestigious STARRED REVIEW in the Kirkus Reviews.

This latest treat in the series (The Cruelest Month, 2008, etc.) will keep fans salivating in anticipation, savoring each delectable morsel and yearning for more.

I'm thrilled!!! As well, it received a rave review in today's Globe and Mail...

Four stories and four seasons on, Louise Penny's Chief Inspector Armand Gamache series gets better with each book. Penny has found her perfect formula with the carefully constructed puzzle plot in the perfect village with the classic cast of characters. The fact that it's modern Quebec is the icing on the petit four....Once the puzzle is set up, it's impossible to put this book down until it's solved. Devotees of Christie will be delighted by Penny's clever plots and deft characters.


I had great fun in Collingwood and Thornbury Libraries on Thursday, though Ann Ledden (of McArthur and Co) and I got lost on the way to the Thornbury Library. In the middle of the country. We stopped and asked a road maintenance man who was very patient and kind and gave us directions... turn left at the rock-cut and right at the first swamp.


Living in the country myself I'm used to directions like that. When you get to the cows, turn left. Then another left at the huge oak tree. However, I do recognize that they can be confusing. When I returned to the car with these directions Ann stared at me as though I was kidding. I repeated them, louder, but she remained unconvinced. And now slightly frightened. I tried to calm her by passing on his last words as I walked away 'You can't miss it.'

Being a literary type Ann recognized famous last words - and often the very beginning of a murder mystery or horror book.

We found the rock-cut just fine but then ended up discussing the difference between a pond and a swamp and missed the next turn. We called the library and Jennifer there talked us in to Thornbury. Just a few minutes late.

In Collingwood Janey, the librarian, took us out for a fish and chips and bread and butter pudding dinner. Yum. Then I did the talk there and we were home by 11pm.

But didn't sleep well...there was a persistent thudding in the duct work of our hotel room. We complained every day and every day someone came up to 'fix' it - but as soon as they left the thudding came back. Finally - belatedly - I asked that we be moved...and so now we're in a small but quiet room. Phew. hbad a great sleep.

Today - Saturday - I'm meeting a former colleague, marc Cote, for coffee at 11 then doing a panel with John Brady, Leonie Swann, Tom Rob Smith - and moderated by Siri Agrell. Strong panel - really looking forward to it. Then we scoot over to the train station and catch a VIA train to Montreal. Arrive home about 9pm.

Drive to Sutton tomorrow morning and have an event at the local Sutton bookstore - wonderful place called the Livres D'or - at 2pm tomorrow.

Will try to blog tomorrow with an will be so fabulous to be home. We miss our friends - and can't tell you how much we miss the dogs!

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