Wednesday, 5 November 2008

stunning day

beautiful, sunny, warm, temps 20

What a glorious day. We're breaking records here, and everyone in the village has a smile on their faces.

There are two reasons for this - and only one is the weather.

Watching the election last night, and the beautiful concession speak of John McCain, and the powerful, poetic speech of Barack Obama I was reminded of - what else? - poetry. And John Donne in particular. That poem where he says no man is an island...and that 'each man's death dimishes me.'

Well, the opposite is also true. Each person's life enriches us. No one was diminished last night. Listening to Senator McCain, then President-elect Obama - watching the faces, the tears, the rapture even - I knew we were ennobled by those men.

What luck. Like every other reasonable person I know it won't be all 'skittles and beer' as my grandfather might have said. But for today this is a glorious island we find ourselves on. Together.

Michael's still sick in bed. We were supposed to go to a dinner and book club event tonight, but I'll go alone. Will make roast chicken for the sick one. Tomorrow I'm off to an exciting event in Montreal - at the McGill University their cafe. I love this store, and the people who go there. I gave a talk there in the spring, and this time the wonderful Anna Asimakopulos - the host of the CBC Radio programme Cinq a Six (Saturdays at 5pm)- will interview me. So if you're in the area...5:30 pm tomorrow - drop by. You also get to meet Anna - who is brilliant. Much more interesting than me.

And the MRB - the Montreal Review of Books - gave THE MURDER STONE a fabulous review.

The plotting is flawless and when the murderer is finally revealed in a thrilling climactic scene...we realize that there were plenty of clever clues along the way.

So that's pretty fun.

Be well - and talk tomorrow.


frouch said...

Dear Louise,

Hope Michael will feel better today.

Concerning the last review you had, I would like to add a little comment. This book, as the others, offer the same problem : way too short...

I finished reading your last one, now I will start the four of them again but this time I will do it slowly, to really enjoy and savour every bit of them.

This should bring me up to the beginning of december where I plan to curl up in a little ball, rocking myself back and forth, frantically twirling a strand of hair around my finger, while calling your editor with the other hand to ask her HOW COME the next book is not printed yet...

Thanks for creating this so pleasant addiction!

Frouch XXX

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Frouch,

What a marvelous image! Thanks for making me laugh.