Sunday, 9 November 2008

Bill Richardson

overcast, drizzle, cool temps 8

This is a normal November day - gray, chill, a little rain. But had a fabulous lunch! I tell you, Bill Richardson is just the most wonderful man. Funny, warm-hearted, never a bad word about anyone - no sting in the tail. Just a really smart, kind man, and terrific writer. Cheryl and I and about 60 other townshippers went to the Auberge in Knowlton to hear him read from his latest book, OLD FATHER WILLIAM AND HIS WELL ORDERED WORLD - it's a kind of bathroom book filled with list of people who had bad things happen to them while in a sheeps costume. A list of people born on a kitchen table. A list of famous people who only met once. All told from the perspective of an elderly man who has taken to his bathroom and decided (with the help of meals-on-wheels never to leave).

It's hilarious. I bought 3! Great Christmas gifts.

Then came home and saw, yet again, hunters trolling the backroads...looking for deer. A neighbor saw one yesterday driving, and pointing a rifle out his window. Dear God. I drove slowly ahead of one truck with the intention of honking at any deer in a field, to drive it away, but fortunately I didn't see any.

But when we talk in the woods at this time of year we need to wear bright colours and make sure the dogs have bright collars on.

the downside to country living.

Am heading off to the fireplace, a mug of hot chocolate and more editing. Talk tomorrow.


Patti O said...

I LOVE Bill Richardson!!! The Bachelor Brothers Bed & Breakfast is one of my all time favorite books, and a definite comfort read and/or annual read. I have 2 others by him, The Bachelor Brothers Bed & Breakfast Pillow Book and Waiting for Gertrude (haven't read this one yet). He's so cool, so fun, and you really want to hang out with his characters. I'm jealous of your visit with him :), but I'm glad you had a good time!!!

Take care!
Patti O'Brien
Chandler, AZ

Liz said...

Oh, I'm a big fan of Bill Richardson also! When I had the luxury of being at home and could listen to the CBC during the day, I enjoyed his readings from The Bachelor Brothers Bed & Breakfast, which is one of my favourite books. His regular contribution to Reader's Digest is much looked forward to each month, and I'll definitely add his newest to my list of 'must reads'!

aka Jamie Tremain

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Patti,

So glad you adore him too. I actually sat next to him at lunch and got to know him a bit. he's a funny, gentle soul. He's like his books.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Liz,

Oh, I forgot about his Reader's digest column. He said he felt quite comfortable writing a 'bathroom' book because he knew where his columns were mostly read. So glad you'll get his latest, I don't think you'll regret it!