Tuesday, 4 November 2008


partly cloudy, very mild, temps 17

unusually warm today. lovely. Michael's a little sick - is spending the day in bed. Just a cold, but he's tired too. On the very good side, Maggie's a lot better! Her leg isd less swollen and she made it all around the pond this morning. Didn't think we'd see that again. She still can't use her leg, and never will again, but she appears to be without pain, or it's at least managable. Phew. So the spectre on the hill has receded.

We spent yesterday afternoon at the notary office in Knowlton, signing over 50 acres of our property to the local conversation authority, so that no one will be able to ever build on it and the wildlife habitates will remain unspoiled. It was definitely a case of enilightened self-interest. Everyone wins. We get privacy, unspoiled countryside and a tax break and the community gets more green land...it helps the environment and our own quality of life.

We could never have afforded to buy the land and donate it if it wasn't for the books - and you supporting them...so thank you! You share the credit (but we keep the tax breaks!)

This morning I arranged for the Euros for our trip to Paris later this month then headed back in to Knowlton to meet Tim Belford for lunch. He's an old colleage at the CBC and a terrific guy. After lunch he taped an interview with me. Then I met Laura for a coffee. She's a very successful and creative local playwright who wants to adapt one of the books for the stage. So we discussed it. Very fun.

Got a couple of Cafe Inn pizzas for dinner, then home to Michael.

We're both almost sick with excitement about the election. Can hardly wait for polls to close. I don't know how you Americans stand the wait...aren't you just bursting? I realize people from both sides read this blog, and this sure isn't the place for politics, so I won't tell you who I'm rooting for, though I suspect you can guess - but I know people on both sides are so passionate. It really is thrilling. And deeply moving to see people lining up for hours to vote. Wonderful. Have to say, I have respect for both candidates ability to keep fighting - what stamina. I couldn't do it, that's for sure.

And, whoever wins, history will be made tonight. And we get to witness it.

Be well - deep breaths - and I'll talk to you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

catching up on a few missed days...

so sorry about Maggie--glad she's better & not in pain!

& bravo bravo bravo to you for signing over the property--it's good for the planet, hope it catches on.

& sorry to hear about the nasty panel comments. feel sorry for their family members/neighbours/children who have to LIVE with snide smart comments all the time! (yes, being nasty myself!)

btw the election is a Big Deal as far away as here too!

Bobbie said...

Louise, first of all, happy day about Maggie! How good that she got to go around the pond again, miracles do happen sometimes.

I live in the cornfields of Illinois, small farmers around us, on a gravel road--even more rural than Three Pines, ha. It was a thrill as always, to vote in the election, in our tiny township's voting place--but this one was one of those biggies that happen a few times, a page was turned. Like you I have no need or want to argue politics and won't do that, and yes am glad it's over--been a long campaign and too much of everything on tv and papers etc. It caused some rifts and now it's time to work together and be more hopeful and try harder to fix things, and that's my hope. And it was both thrilling and moving, to be part of this, and to watch people lining so long to vote in the bigger places and smaller places, all part of history. Or at least that's my view. :o)

I was at the Magna Cum Murder conference recently, and met you in person after admiring your books for a good while--exciting time! And your comments and ideas and being part of the groups were a real high point for me, and for many others. I am so sorry you had that bad experience on another recent panel...I often wonder why people feel a 'need' or 'wish' to demean others, make bad remarks at someone else's expense--why? Your words you wrote here are so true and I believe show in the books you write--be kind. Think. Reason. Choose reality but don't choose meanness.

That's a true human choice, and it shows. So does meanness, and it's a choice. I choose to be kind--and I am not naieve, I've been around the block a few times. :o)

Sorry for the long post, but had a few remarks to answer yours. I am new to this blogging concept, but I imagine this one will be read pretty often, thanks for sharing yourself here, Louise!

Bobbie Jo

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Ovidia,

Isn't this a riot...I just wrote you. It was really fun last night knowing hundreds of millions of people around the world were watching the same thing. What a shared experience. Love too what Bobbie Jo writes about her experience as an American voting.

Thanks for your support, ovidia.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Bobbie Jo,

Welcome to the blog! And as someone new to it you sure got the hang quickly. Well done! And thank you for your very kind comments. I adored my time in Muncie at Magna Cum Murder. A really intelligent examination of the genre - a thoughtful look at the history of it, and the future. Interesting for me to hear so many thoughtful people. Including you.

Thank you too for your very moving description of living, and voting in a state so divided and hotly contested. I did get that feeling in Magna.

Fingers crossed for healing. Loved your words.