Friday, 7 November 2008

Hooray for Captain Spalding...

cloudy, rainy, mild, temps 13

It continues very mild for this time of year in Quebec. Did you see the huge storm in South Dakota? Wow. Those early storms are killers...snow tends to be wet and heavy. But - have to say - if you don't have to go out in it, and everyone you know and love is safe - they're great! I LOVE snowstorms. Absolutely nothing in the world like being at home, in front of the fire, with a hot chocolate and a good book while the snow piles up outside.


Last night was a lot of fun at McGill University's bookstore. Kim - who organizes events - was lovely and gracious and effective. Very important, that last. And Anna Asimakopulos was gorgeous and articulate - a great listener...steered the conversation, make the think, was smart and thoughtful. And the audience asked terrific questions too.

When it was over I scooted out of Montreal and was back home by 9pm. Michael's feeling better, as is Maggie. What a relief!

This morning we went to Knowlton for breakfast - cafe au laits, scambled eggs and melted brie - bacon for Michael. Dropped off some organic vegetables to Pat, who brought us over some home-made apple crisp yesterday, and some soup for Michael. So kind.

Then we got our flu shots at the local clinic. Great to have that done.

Terrific news from the UK. The ever picky Time Out London gave THE MURDER STONE a terrific review - sandwiched between reviews for Michael Connelly and Stephen King. Here's an except in which they highlight something no one else has...

'...but it's not all shudders and suspense: a terrifi scene of a child teaching an adult to throw sticky biscuits at the manoir's ceiling offers giggle-inducing comic relief.'

And had a call from Greg...he's a travel agent specializing in Africa. Michael's 75th birthday is coming up in April and he's talked about wanting to go on a safari one day. So I figured - well - what better place to wake-up on your 75th birthday than in a luxurious tent in Botswana? With me?

We're just beginning our research but it was such fun to see Michael all excited after his conversation with Greg. I think in trips like this - once in a lifetime - the planning is as much fun as the event. And Michael sure seems to be having fun.

Life here is good. Worked on the book this afternoon. Teresa gave me some notes...for instance I'm so familiar with the characters she pointed out I tend not to really introduce them anymore. So she asked me to go over the manuscript one more time and try to read it as though I was new to the series. An interesting exercise.

Must be addicted to the news now.

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