Tuesday, 18 November 2008

A gentle day

flurries, cool, temps minus 3

Odd, but doesn't feel nearly as bitter as the other day when the temperature m,ust have been the same. And it was sleeting. But as always it's the wind that's the culprit.

Lovely to wake up to a layer of fluffy snow. Had already made an appointment to have the winter tires put on this morning, so off we went. Now, the snow might have looked beautiful, but it was surprisingly treacherous underneath. The car was sliding all over the place, and difficult to stop. Happily we're quite used to this sort of driving in Canada...still, it's never pleasant, or comfortable. But we made it just fine. I'm always mostly worried about the people driving toward me. Had a friend I worked with in Thunder Bay years ago who was driving to southern ontario over Christmas with her kids and they were killed in a head-on collison on the highway. A truck lost control in the other direction and hit them. I was quite young and up until that moment thought I was immortal. After that I became mortal. And others became threats. Not sure, honestly, even if you see the truck losing control ahead of you there's much you could do anyway on a snowy highway. Except pray. I wonder where the love of God goes in that moment? Perhaps I should pray I never know. Reminds me of that searing poem from the first world war by Sigfried Sassoon when describing crowds cheering for young men departing for the front - Sneak home and pray you never know
The Hell where youth and laughter go.

Well, enough of this. It remains a beautiful, gentle day. We're home for now. Have just wolfed down a sandwich then looked at the plate and wondered where it went. In 20 minutes we're off again with Maggie to the vet. I dread it - always imagine the worst - but I think it will be just fine. He might give us stronger medication for her swelling. But her tail still wags, and she hops around the pond and gobbles her meals (like her Mom). She has Michael's ears, but definitely her Mom's eating habits. Life seems to still hold a lot of pleasure for her. And while we can see her personal truck starting to veer out of control on the highway ahead we think it's still a distance off.

Hope to finish the polish this afternoon - but if too tired I'll do it tomorrow. Feels so good to be at this stage...almost makes up for all the agony earlier.

Be well and will chat tomorrow. Thanks for reading.


Cece said...

Hoping the vet appointment went well-I can empathize. We have a pair of brother cats-adopted at about 4 weeks old-we don't know for sure as they had been abandoned. They are now going on 15 years old-and one is on twice daily thyroid medicine. He is my son's heart-they bonded as kindergartener and kitten-and so we do what it takes to keep him going.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Cece,

What a lovely way of putting it - your son's heart.

Yes, Maggie is doing alright - thanks for asking - very kind.

Cece said...

I was so glad to read about Maggie's news. My son and his cat do have a rare connection-it charms me every time I see a 6'2" tall nearly 20 year old, get down on all fours to bump heads with his cat whenever they have been apart for a few hours. The cat follows him from room to room, only asking for a space on the chair or couch right beside my son.