Saturday, 8 November 2008

bubble, bubble, tea and brownies...

Rainy, mild, temps 13

Am running a bubble bath so I can't write long. If I hear Michael screaming (generally the signal the bath is full) I'll have to sign off.

THE MURDER STONE is moving up the bestsellers list. It's now number 2 on the Gazette list!

Having a quiet day at home in front of the fire - editing. Intersting and fun part of the process, having been away from THE BRUTAL TELLING for almost a month. I can see places where it can just be smoothed a little, clarified a little, made more subtle. I'm at page 130 now and have stopped for the day. A little tired...we're going out tonight so I also want to relax in a bath. And I want to write a new scene...a fun scene I think/hope. Nothing long, but I do want it to be precise, so I want to approach it with a fresh mind.

Off tomorrow with Cheryl for lunch at the Auberge in Knowlton, to hear Bill Richardson talk. He's a writer from Vancouver, who is also a broadcaster on CBC Radio. I find given my exerpience on book tour I really love supporting other writers...I know how scary it can be. And this also seems like fun.

Off to bathe. Hope you're having a relaxing weekend. Talk tomorrow.

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