Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Maggie fine!

cloudy, light flurries, temps minus 2

Hi there. A quick blog today. maggie's just fine! Yay - well, not perfect but vet says the swelling is what he expected and not to worry. It's not a crisis. Thank heaven. And she doesn't seem in pain. Phew.

Great day - finished polish and will email manuscript for THE BRUTAL TELLING to Teresa tonight.

Busy day - 2 loads of laundry. Nancy coming because my desktop is frozen. helped Tony take Christmas lights off a massive tree out front - we're putting them on the honeysuckle instead. Now have to run over to the guest cottage where the water system seems to have failed! Michael there now trying to figure it out...Tony there...but apparently I've put the manuals somewhere. Oh oh.

If I don't come back you know they've killed me.

Talk tomorrow - I hope.

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