Saturday, 15 November 2008

Out of the Fog

Dense fog, mild, drizzle temps 10

I want to sincerely thank Lee Ann for her lovely, courageous blog. I left it up for a few days to let as many people as possible read it. Thomas, by the way, is the young man on the left of the photograph.

Had a busy week since I last spoke to you. Had a fun event at the Westmount Public Library Wednesday night. I used to live in Westmount, which is a city within the city of Montreal. It's quite Anglo - famous for it really. Thouigh, happily, those lines are blurring. But it was particularly moving for me to speak there since I used to sit in the library doing research, when I only dreamed of writing.

Then I hopped a train next morning for Toronto and went to a fund-raising event organized by the amazing Janet Sommerville, a teacher at Royal St George's Academy. Every year she gathers 6 authors and organizes a signing at Ben McNally's bookstore in TO - so that people can buy great signed first edition books as Christmas gifts - and a portion of the proceeds goes to the Ryerson Reading project.

Next morning I spoke for an hour to some of the older students at the school itse;f. They're studying DEAD COLD. Wonderful questions they had - and for a room full of 17 year old boys, they were very respectful. Indeed, I spoke there last year and came up with the character of Elliott, from THE MURDER STONE based on one of the young men at that school.

Took the train home and arrived 8 last night. On the train I asked the man ahead of me not to put his seat back, since I have quite long legs...I asked very nicely and did say putting the seat back partway wouldn't be a problem, but nal the way might be. He was so kind, and didn't budge his seat. As we neared montreal I gave him a signed first edition of THE MURDER STONE as a thank you - and realized how good it felt to be able to do that. He said his wife reads loads of mysteries, so with any luck she'll enjoy that. But I was sincerely grateful to him. His name was Andre, and his wife was Barbara.

We're still in Montreal...heading bacvk to sutton. Friends - Bal and Linda Mount - are staying at the guest cottage this weekend...we're going over there for coffee and dessert tonight. Then hope to finish the polish on THE BRUTAL TELLING. Need to get it done before we head to Paris next Saturday. What a nice sentence that is!

Take care, hope you're well, and thank you again to Lee Ann. Beautiful woman.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your travels, Louise. I always look forward to your blog entries. What a kind thing to give the nice gentleman a copy of your book. But I knew that about you.

Have a lovely trip to Paris. Take care!

Lee Ann said...

You are very welcome Louise!

Have a wonderful trip to Paris!

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Kay and Lee Ann,

thanks for the welcome back and the bon voyage! Heading off on Saturday...still have a trip to Quebec City on Friday.

I'll keep you posted.