Thursday, 20 November 2008

Christmas ornament draw!

Mainly sunny, cold, temps minus 6

Wonderful day - Lise arrived at 9am to help us dig out from the office overload! All the stuff we'd moved from the loft-office in Sutton was still sitting in my study at home and Michael's office right next to mine. It looked like someone had turned the house upside down.

I reeeeally hate dis-order. I don't need everything all tidy - that would drive me crazy too. But after a point I find I get totally stressed in an environment that's cluttered. Our home can get like that. I love to throw things out and Michael, well, doesn't. So we've tried to compartmentalize things...his study can be as topsy-turvy as he likes, and mine is in whatever shape it's in. We try not to interfer in those areas. But often that 'mess' expands into the kitchen and dining room and living room - with mail and magazines and newspapers and books all piled up. I actually like a bit of that - feels comfortable and lived in and not too anal...but it reaches a stage with me where I just want to scoop it all up, put it in recycling and be shot of it.

We reached that stage at home about a month ago but our lives have been so hectic there wasn't anything we could do.

Until today. Glorious today...glorious Lise!

With barely a gasp she saw the disaster areas - the we rolled up our sleeves and unpacked boxes and bags - sorting into recycling, stuff to give to the senior's home for their sales, stuff to keep, and garbage. When in doubt I'd hol;d something up and Lise would ask, Are you ever gtoing to use it? No? Well, maybe someone else will.

Wise - very wise.

Lise also made a dozen Christmas decorations with Three Pines themes...each an original work of art, each designed to hang on the tree! I've signed a small card attached to each, and dates. So that each will become a collectors item.

Am taking two to Quebec City with me tomorrow. One to give away on t5he CBC radio show - Jacquie Czernine's 4-6 show tomorrow...and the other to give away at the event I'll be at tomorrow night in Quebec City at La Maison Anglaise bookstore, in Ste. Foy. I'll be there with another author - Rana Bose. REally looking forward to meeting her.

And I want to give one away to one of you right now...since you're so sup[portive and loyal, and have helped spread the word about my books.

If you leave a comment at the end of this blog saying you'd like the Christmas decoration I will ask Michael to choose a name at random - then ask Lise to mail it to the winner! If you can't - for whatever reason - leave a comment, then just go to the 'contact me' page on the website and leave a message there. I'll give it a few days.

We're in Montreal now...after Lise got us all sorted out, and Tony came to get Maggie and Trudy, Michael and I put the cases in the car and drove to the city. I signed a stack of books at the McGill bookstore where Kim (one of the managers) gave me her copy of a book she adored...AN EXPERT IN MURDER by Nicola Upson. Kim knows I adore Josephine Tey, and in this book Ms Upson has taken the bold move of making Josephine Tey the detective. Imagine that.

Will try to blog tomorrow before heading to Quebec City by train. Lovely journey. 3 1/2 hours...very relaxing. Take care, and don't forget to enter the draw for the handmade Three Pines - dated and signed Christmas ornament!


London Kate said...

Feel wickedly tempted to remove my (3500 miles distant) location from my usual soubriquet - but hey, here goes .... would love a 3Pines decoration!

All best wishes

frouch said...

Dear Louise,

Please put my name in the contest for the christmas decoration! And since Michael will pick up a name, not Santa, I might get a chance.

Also, I want to wish you a wonderful trip to France. If you ever think of it, while you will have your mouth full of fresh "croissants", have a little thought for me. Even a "nyah, nyah, nyah" would be fine.

Take care,

Rebecca Rose said...

Hi Louise,
Please enter my name in the Three Pines Christmas ornament draw. Hope you have a great train trip to Quebec City and a great time in France.

Best wishes,
Rebecca Rose

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi everyone -

Thanks for these - and to those of you who sent emails! Will try to do the draw tomorrow and ask Lise to send it on to the winner!

Anonymous said...

I would love to have a Three Pines Christmas ornament! Take care! Dana

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Dana,

I put your name into the draw. Good luck!

Cubby Momsen said...

Hi Louise,
Reading your blog regularly has inspired me to write my own. I am enjoying reliving some of the events of the past by writing about them and if anyone enjoys reading about them, I will be pleased.
Please put my name in the draw for the Christmas ornament - I hope I win!
One of the Graces from North Hadley

debraeisert said...

Oooh, Three Pines ornaments...Second only to visiting Three Pines (despite all the murders, it does sound like the kind of place I'd where I'd enjoy living) I'd love an ornament. Well, a girl can hope....

Can't wait until I get my hands on your new book!

-- debra