Wednesday, 6 August 2008

The stem man felt the house

rain, heavy rain, torrential rain. temps 20

Well, we're building an ark. Sadly for mankind I'm menopausal so that's it for the species.

Cannot believe the amount of rain. Still, have to say, while I'd prefer a hot and sunny summer I don't think I'm one of those people severely affected by the weather. Perhaps because I spend so much time in the bath anyway, this is just another variety of wet.

yesterday - miracle alert! - was actually not rainy. perfect for the MORE Magazine photo shoot. the 4 of them arrived about 10am and left at 4pm - having done 3 set ups. One on the island in the pond, by a set of iron gates we have there, another in the living room, by my laptop (the requisite author-at-work) and for the last - my favorite by far - they took out a big, comfortable, oversized armchair, a rug, a stack of books, and plunked them all in the garden by a dry stone wall. So I sat there, holding a book, and looking as though this was how we normally live. With living room furniture littered about the garden. it was very fun and playful and I felt most comfortable. In the others, despite the friendliness of the photographic team, I felt like a waxwork statue.

But it was fun to be fussed over (as opposed to the normal, oppressive life I lead). A woman did my hair and make up, then a guy did 'wardrobe' - all Armani! At one stage I had my arm slung rakishly over the back of a bent twig chair on the island and the stylist whispered to me to try not to rub the arm of the jacket. later, when I took it off, I noticed the price tag. 3,875 dollars. Dear God, some madman entrusted me with probably 10,000 dollars worth of clothing. Clearly they haven't read the blog, and had no idea until that moment I was a woman more at home with duck poop and rubber boots than designer labels. Still, there were no mishaps.

But it was exhausting. No stops for lunch - though dear Michael ran into town to pick up great sandwiches from the bakery. And it really is work. 'Please move your little finger', 'please unclench your left hand' 'please smile' 'please don't smile'...look moody...look thoughtful. Look natural.

I've long thought those hollywood types were unbelievably spoiled. All they do all day is swan around having their photos taken for Vanity Fair etc, or going on tour to promote their latest film. Well, let me tell you - it really is exhausting.

Not, it must be admitted, nearly as exhausting as almost any other job in the world - but way more tiring and way harder than it appears. But I'm not really a natural at this sort of thing. Quite stressful for me, and stress for that long takes it out of you.

Today I edited for much of the day, had a bath, Susan came over and we watched Phil and kirsty do Location, Location, Location, then we went off to get the organic vegetable from the farm. Susan cooked us a fabulous dinner at the guest cottage - and now we're home.

We've decided that I should go to the Wolfe Island literary festival on my own this weekend and Michael should stay home and watch the dogs. Poor guy gets dragged all over the place and we're both a little weary, so this will be a nice, quiet time for him.

We finished doing the proofs for the US version of book 4 today. A RULE AGAINST MURDER. Shocking, really, how many typos we're still finding. In one sentence 'a stern face' became 'a stem face'. In another 'he left the house' became ' he felt the house'. I wonder if a dyslexic is doing the type-setting. Hope not. Though there is a certain poetic quality about it.

Off to bed. Sleep well.


Elizabeth said...

Please let us know which issue of Chatelaine to look for. Also, can you suggest any B&B's for October? I have talked Bill into going, but only luxury rooms are left at Hovey Manor. Loved your description of discovering the price tag on the Armani suit. When I go through the Loblaws checkout, I see photos on the cover of People of glamorous movie stars with their newborns and wonder how on earth they look the way they do only days after giving birth. Now I know what effort goes into staging these things!

Elizabeth said...

Sorry, not Chatelaine, but MORE. I don't want to miss it.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Elizabeth,

Yay - how wonderful to know we'll finally meet. Will try to get up a list of B&B's in a blog, but in the meantime it might be helpful to google B&B's in North Hatley. There is one I stayed at years ago and adored but not sure what it's like now. it's called La Ravaudiere. It was at the time a Bed and Brunch - much like Gabri's B&B in Three Pines.
And the More magazine issue will be October. Great timeing for the new book.
And see you in october too!

Barb said...

I just found this place. Yay! You have lots of fans over on EONS group, Bookoholics. We're looking forward to your next book with baited breath. breaths? ;) We were just the other day talking about editing and typos in books, and how many we find... good for you for going through your manuscript with a finetoothed comb.


Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Barb,

Welcome! How fun to hear from you, and with such good news about Bookoholics. I too am powerless over a well turned phrase.