Sunday, 31 August 2008

The Sound of Amazement

mainly sunny, warm, temps 27

Now we get summer! It's gorgeous. Another quiet day. In fact, I could have written this blog yesterday since nothing at all is happening. Phew. I love it.

I did want to pass on something really fun that happened a few weeks back. As these things sometimes happen, it was actually at a very sad event - the funeral for sister-in-law Mary's father. At the visitation the night before Michael and I met up with Rob and Linda Snoyer, old friends of my brothers from Toronto. Are you following this??? Well, enough names and characters, I'll cut to the chase.

Rob and Linda's daughter, Michaela, had just been told that she'd won the role of Louisa in the Toronto production of The Sound of Music!

Now, there were HUGE casting and audition calls. Practically every girl in Canada tried out. Michaela had never acted before and barely sang. She was in a small local choir. But she and a bunch of others decided to try - nothing to lose.

And after any number of call-backs and auditions and stress - they got the call.

It's like this fairy tale. fortuntately for Michaela her parents are sensible, loving, grounded people who don't themsevles have stars in their eyes. (though I must say I did when I heard!)

I was so excited for them - and impressed with her. Not everyone would have the courage and poise to keep going.

After hearing Linda and Rob's description of the process I know I'll be watching the Toronto production of The Sound of Music with different eyes. No matter who's performing I know I'll be seeing remarkable kids. But we're sure going to do our best to see Michaela Snoyer as Louisa.

I just wanted to tell you about that - be well. I'm off for breakfast tomorrow morning with Cheryl. Then more relaxing.

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Robert said...

Hi Louise,
Thank-you for the very kind words.
This weekend, after 2 weeks of rehersals we are finally began to believe it is real. She is loving it. Just taking it day by day. When they decide the performance sched (2 families of children) we will pass it on to you and Michael.

Robert and Lynda/