Wednesday, 27 August 2008


sunny, beautiful day, temps 22

Gorgeous day. But sad news that the good friend of a friend just died. Our friend's name is Elizabeth and after a couple of divorices she spent many years on her own, happily. She's very independent. But in her 60's she met Peter. He was widowed. They clicked, and for the past 6 years have been almost inseparable.

Peter had a stroke late last week and died. He'd played golf that morning.

There'll be a memorial service on Friday in Knowlton, which we'll be going to, of course.

Really, our hearts just break for Elizabeth.

On the home front here, I got my computer all hooked up at home - though while it'll receive emails it won't send them. Most frustrating. Have a call in to the remarkable Nancy, who sorts us out on all things computer.

Have also realized that my schedule for this fall and next winter in becoming nuts. So I'm in the process of cancelling a bunch of things. If it's a personal committment I've made I won't cancel, but other things, yes. This is all part of focussing on priorities.


This list bumps around a bit. Michael is always on top - but sometimes friends come before writing and sometimes they don't. It needs to be flexible. And I realize I can't do everything.

Bet that sounds familiar to you!

And I totally know that there really is a season for everything. Sometimes I need to put my head down and totally concentrate on writing. Other times it's promotion.

I just realized I forgot to put me on that list...but I think all those things give me pleasure, so in many ways it's all me. All me, all the time. What a life.

Off to cancel some more travel. And write the September newsletter...which if this computer continues to refuse to send might have a limited readership.

Be well. And kind and loving thoughts to Elizabeth.

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