Tuesday, 12 August 2008

C'est la vie

mainly sunny, temps 22

Of course it's sunny. Susan goes home today. Poor woman shivered through cold and rain for a week - and now the sun comes out. C'est la vie. Which is French for: we're screwed.

Lovely day - Tuesday, so we went to Cowansville for breakfast. Eggs, bacon and french toast (pain d'ore - which is French for: our diet is screwed) Then to the bank. Picked up some fresh corn on the way home. planning a wonderful dinner of fresh fruit and vegetables - corn, tomatoes, zucchini, peaches, salad.

No editing today but need to make some calls to pin down some research and ask permission to use the real names of some stores.

The new television - flat screen Aquos - won't work in the new TV room. this is the second one that's gone kaput. Brand new televisions right out of the box. They replaced the first - but when the second refused to work the TV people said it must be the electricity. But the electrician's been and gone - put in a dedicated line - tested for current fluctuation (we already have a surge protector, in the country you really need one) - and everything's fine.

We're frankly completely stumped. TV people never known anything like it. Gary stumped - electrician amazed. The only rational explanation is ghosts. But why a ghost would object to a flat screen TV is beyond me. Maybe ectoplasm and plasma don't mix well.

I mentioned this to Gary this morning. We might need to do an exorcism. Will get Gary, the TV guy, the electrician and a priest in later this week. It reminds me of one of my favorite couplets...from Hilaire Belloc I believe:

A smell of burning filled the startled air,
The electrician was no longer there.

We'll keep you informed. Michael thinks it's the TV, but he's always been a little woo-woo inclined. We ignored him. Might smudge the room later tonight.

Nothing tomorrow except writing - and possibly banishing evil spirits from the TV room. Can't risk it also taking offense to the cappuccino maker.

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