Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Never mind

sunny, cool, temps 19

Beautiful day - but cooler than usual. We turned the heater off in the pool while we were away and now it's got a long way to make up.

We're actively exploring solar power for the home and perhaps for the pool too. Gary dropped off a 20 page print out - along with season 3 of Saturday Night Live! I watched Steve Martin be a 'wild and k-ray-zee guy' and read all about solar heat. We're also considering thermal heat. Before long we might also have windmills, and be sending strange packages through the mail. I seem to be growing the survivalists beard. I wonder if I get to keep my blueray and cappuccino maker?

Had breakfast in Cowansville this morning, dropped Mackinac Island fudge off at the bookstore for Danny, Lucy and their three boys. Dropped Michael off at home so he could continue writing his book - then headed into the loft/office in Sutton.

We've decided to close the office since we work most of the time from home anyway. That's why Gary's here - building bookshelves.

Brought the desktop computer, printer, and a couple boxes of books from the office. Little by little it comes over. the home looks like a survivalists camp - if what we were trying to survive was an apocalypse of books.

My cold is much better - not a bad one after all. Drugs help. Little yellow pills during the day and little blue ones at night.

Heard from Bouchercon. they've asked me to be on a panel with the wonderful Deborah Crombie and the amazing Rhys Bowen. Just the three of us. Probably Friday afternoon. In a sort of free-form talk - without a central theme. Can't tell you how thrilled I am about that. LOVE their books. And love them. Really fantastic women. Not only gifted mystery writers but wonderful women.

Bouchercon's a huge mystery readers/writers annual convention. It's in a different city each Ocotber. last year it was Anchorage, Alaska - loads of fun. And this year it's Baltimore. Now, I wonder if they'll be doing the whole alphabet? Cleveland next year? Actually, it's Indiannapolis next year, organized by one of the true gentlemen of the mystery community - Jim Hueng.

I'm off - fresh corn to shuck and a Weekend Update to watch. God wasn't Gilda Radner brilliant? Rosanne Rosannadanna - never mind.


Jody said...

Wish I was going to Bouchercon this year. That will be an amazing panel.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Jody,

I wish you were too! I've met Rhys and think she's wonderful, but I've only ever met Deborah through her writing - which is exceptional.