Tuesday, 19 August 2008


cloudy, cool, temps 17

Feels like an autmn day.

Had a great day writing...came to the end of the book!!! But tomorrow morning I want to put in a few hours going back over the last chapter and smoothing some things out. Phew. What a relief.

And, you know, I quite liked the book. Especially the end. Needed work, still does, but there were times I was reading I didn't know what came next and I was stunned. Feels quite weird when that happens.

Didn't write yesterday because worked a lot on the book and I was tired.

We're packing and will leave for Montreal tomorrow. heard from our good friends David and Linda Rosenblatt that Linda's father died. So we'll go in and sit Shiva with them tomorrow afternoon.

have a 6am flight to Chicago then on to Traverse City. We're taking the laptop so I'll try to blog from there. I have an event at the library on Mackinaw, as I mentioned before.

Off to relax, pack, and watch Olympics. So relieved to have reached the end of the book - or at least the first edit. Now I'll have it printed out - single spaced, double sided, and bound....and take it to England with us at the beginning of Sept. It's quite different reading it from a hard copy. Will do more editing then from the manuscript. In the meantime am really looking forward to a week or so off.

Might not blog again until mackinaw. Hope you're packed, it should be fun.

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