Monday, 25 August 2008


cloudy, temps 20

We're hoooome!

Wow did we ever have a great time on Mackinac Island! But it's good to be home. And with nothing to do except a luncheon on Thursday with friends for Michael to research his book. Looking forward to that. Looking forward to making Michael the centre of attention.

Long day yesterday. I tend to break days like that into segments in my mind. yesterday was in 9 sections. The horse-drawn carriage to the ferry. The ferry to Mackinaw City. The 2 hour limo drive to Traverse City. Getting through airport security. The American Eagle flight (45 minutes) to Chicago. The 2 1/2 hr layover in Chicago (happily spent in the first class lounge, a by-product of the around-the-world flights on BA last year), the 2 hr flight to Montreal. Canadian security, taxi home.

That way I just live in each segment and the day doesn't seem too long. As someone who's goal-oriented this approach seems to work. The day 'speeds' along.

Have figured out the Mackinac - Mackinaw issue. The island, with the hotel, is spelled 'Mackinac' but pronounced 'Mackinaw'. The city across the bay is pronouned and spelled 'Mackinaw'. Don't know why the difference.

Finally finished section 9 last night at 10pm. Got into the Montreal apartment. But everything went very smoothly - thanks once again to Robin Agnew's family. They'd arranged for us to fly from the island straight to Traverse City airport. 40 minute flight would have saved us 3 hours of ground/water travel. But scaredy-cat here decided I didn't want to get back onto the small plane. So they re-arranged everything. Without a murmur, without mocking.

A relief to be around people who are kind, not sarcastic. I was and am most grateful.

This morning we didn't set the alarm, but got up whenever, then went for breakfast in Montreal. Michael had a lunch with his great friend David and I went back to the apartment and cleaned up a few things. Then we drove back down here.

God, does it ever feel amazing not to have to edit or write book 5! Am taking the week off. Will read a hard copy of the manuscript during the week or so we're in England. We travel late next week.

Until then I'm on vacation. I'm very good at working hard, and very, very good at doing nothing. Watch me.

This blog, by the way, is going to get extremely boring over the next week. Consider it valium.

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