Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Is that organ music I hear? I'm sure it is...

mainly sunny, temps 25

Unexpectedly nice day. Wayne came and rain held off. Lise and Donna spent most of the day in the gardens, dodging the snakes. Gary put his 12 year old son to work. Someone really should report us.

Michael wrote his book and I edited mine. Only 30 pages to go. Yay. Jim and Sharon arrive Friday and I have a noon event this Saturday at Ryan Books in Johnson, Vermont. This looks like a wonderful bookstore, and I had a very kind reader write with suggestions on what to see and do in Johnson. Sounds like quite a happening town. Really looking forward to it.

Next weekend we're flying to Chicago and then on to Traverse City airport, then a boat to get to an event on Mackinaw (sp?) Island...organized by Robin Agnew of Aunt Agatha books in Ann Arbor. Her family runs the Grand Hotel there and she's invited Michael and me along to do a reading and talk to the local library and stay in the hotel... more suffering.

Good day. But feeling tired these days. Not much reserve. I inevitably start planning my funeral when this happens. I'm not much of a hypochondriac since I can't be bothered to go to a doctor...and the one I'm married to ignores my aches and pains. Says he'll pay attention when I'm on fire, but not before. Probably just as well.

Anyway, he'll be sorry when I'm gone. Everyone will. So sad.

Actually, I'm feeling better so it was probably something I ate. Never mind. Cancel the flowers.

Speak to you tomorrow.

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