Friday, 29 August 2008

Fair Day

Sunny, warm, temps 25

A perfect day for the fair! This is the big event of the year around here. The Brome County Fair. It's always over the Labour Day long weekend and is the bittersweet event that marks the end of summer holidays and the beginning of school/autumn.

We go, along with many locals, on Friday. Today. Since it tends to be a little less crazy. There're the aminal judging, the horse show, the crafts, the midway and food. Guess what we're there for.

Actually, Michael brings his sketch book and draws the animals. We have 9 years worth of drawings. It's marvelous. We eat Derby Burgers, made by our neighbors down the road at their booth, and watch the animals and people.

This is just so much fun. I feel like a kid.

Indeed, in Still Life Jane did a painting of the fair called Fair Day that plays a role. That's inspired by the Brome County Fair. And book 5 (just editing) is set at this exact weekend and there's a scene at the fair with the villagers and Gamache. Fun today to move between the real and fictional worlds. Hope I can tell them apart.

Maggie's feeling better today. Phew.

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