Saturday, 30 August 2008

A do-nothing day

cloudy, showers, temps 20

Not a bad day, really, just some occasional showers.

This is a wonderfully lazy day! Still in my flannels. Walked the dogs a few times around the pond, made breakfast, watched TV - had mid-morning cereal and later a cappuccino. Watching The Great Escape on DVD.

Michael's working away on his book.

Lovely day. I have to chair a meeting tonight to need to put some work in on that, but this is really a wonderful, relaxing day.

I gave Robin Agnew, the owner of Aunt Agatha's mystery bookstoe in Ann Arbor an advance copy of book 4 - THE MURDER STONE (A RULE AGAINST MURDER when it comes out in the states in January). She wrote last night to say she loved it.

I never take those things for granted - so it's a huge delight to hear that, especially from someone as knowlegable and influential as Robin.

More reason to be loving this day. It feels very good, and oddly natural, to be doing nothing.

I'll speak to you tomorrow.

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