Tuesday, 5 August 2008

A blank (and slightly damp) canvas

overcast, mild, temps 22

It started out at stunning day. Sunny, and of course it all gleamed off the grass and greenery soaked by the recent rains. We had breakfast on the porch, and then the clouds rolled in. Not totally unexpected, but I was hoping for a gorgeous day since today the photographer et al are arriving from Montreal to take the MORE Magazine shots. Still, it isn't raining yet. maybe it'll hold off. And maybe I'll become a size 2 by the time they arrive.

Am wearing my flannel pajama bottoms and a t-shirt. No make-up, hair still damp from shower. I'm a veritable blank canvas. Lucky them.

Didn't blog yesterday - got unexpectedly busy. Edited in the morning - now have about 50 pages to go. It'll need at least one more going over, but that's really for details and picking up small threads. Am pleased.

then Yves arrived with the new TV for the new TV room...and Gary arrived at exactly the same moment so they worked to put it up. New TV wouldn't work! But Yves drove to Knowlton to get another one.

After editing I zipped over to Richford, Vermont for gas, and did some grocery shopping in Sutton for the photographer and the otehr 3 arriving...lunch and snacks. Since they're coming early I decided cappucino and croissants would be a good start. if you see the shot and I have flakes on my face and chest, you'll know my plan worked.

Then home in time for Gary and John to arrive to remove the old TV - and re-orgainze the former television room into my new study. Sofa out - into Michael's study - and big old pine table in, for my desk. But - after an hour of heaving and twisting and trying everything, the desk wouldn't go through the door! These guys tried everything - and even with my brilliant and helpful suggestions it didn't work. Finally Gary, like Alexander the Great and the Gordian Knot, Gary got a saw and simply took an inch off the desk legs. In it went.

Have you noticed that while things might be lots of fun very few things are easy?

Then Susan arrived to stay in the guest cottage for a week, and came over for dinner. Rain let up long enough to BBQ the steaks. Had a nice salad, then yogurt and fresh blueberries for dessert. Yum. A family meal.

Will blog tomorrow and let you know how the photo shoot went. If they've brought scaffolding and cement I'll be mighty annoyed. Hope they don't decide to take an inch off the legs too.

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